Transform Paper Into Information

CartaDC is your paperless enterprise document management command central. It’s an information management solution for fast, secure, compliant access to all your documents—both digital and paper. Whether you’re starting with thousands of paper documents, electronic files in multiple digital formats, or a little of both, our AI-driven and cloud-based platform has you covered.

Imagine it: No more paper documents. Stop searching for missing files across multiple offices for important business information. Tired of endlessly searching for stored files you know you’ve seen before but can’t remember how to find? Our intelligent search functionality will help you find anything you’re looking for, from PDF files to spreadsheets.

CartaDC gives you quick visibility into all of your documents anywhere in the world. Store documents online safely and securely, and get closer to that dream of having a completely paperless office. Save time, save money, and help your team be more efficient with this smart paperless document management system.

We integrate with leading enterprise content management (ECM) systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions to create a unified source for all your business documents.

Give Easy Access to the Right Information, for the Right People

Adding CartaDC to your current tech stack allows you to easily and securely share any number of documents with internal and external stakeholders. Two-factor authentication, secure data rooms, and complete audit trails ensure secure collaboration and minimize risk. Securely store all your files and keep track of them throughout the document lifecycle. Our built-in management tools keep your data safe.

Records Compliance Made Easy

Automate Time-Consuming Document Processes

CartaDC applies intelligent document management processes to automate your workflow. Scan and file documents automatically with AI-driven document scanning, natural language processing, and metadata application. Save time by automatically routing documents to the right people for approval. Review, sign, and classify newly added documents without human intervention.

Maintain Effortless Compliance

With CartaDC you’ll always maintain document control. Know which documents you have, which you are missing and which have expired.

Use compliance monitors to develop reports, retention schedules and custom alerts with incorporated GDPR functionality. This helps you proactively address potential gaps or issues, and deliver a better customer experience for your clients.

Integrate with Existing ERP solution
We solve records and information governance problems

Learn how CartaDC can transform enterprise document management at your organization today.