Embrace Digital Transformation and Gain a Competitive Advantage While Preparing for Future Growth

Save time, reduce costs, and streamline your document management workflows with our scanning and digitization services. We provide complete digital transformation services that include:

Use our document digitization services to empower your team to quickly access information, generate insights, and take action. Moving from words on a page to an online platform will make business processes more efficient to increase productivity and value.

Modernize Your Organization with Digital Transformation Services

Companies around the world are relying on remote workers and the trend is expected to continue. Having the right document digitization solutions is more important than ever. Our digital transformation services provide your team with access to important physical documents whether you’re at the office or working remotely.

Regardless of whether your goal is to go paper-light or paperless, adopting effective document digitization solutions can save costs by reducing on-premises storage needs, while also reducing time spent performing routine administrative tasks. The result is a less cluttered, more agile workflow that’s designed to empower your employees, not constrain them.

A persons arms shown working on a laptop. Digital transformation services allow their records to be securely accessed from anywhere.

Maintain Compliance While Improving Processes

Some paper documents need to be stored for several years to maintain compliance with industry, state, and federal regulations. However, the majority of business documents and legacy records can be digitized. Embracing cloud-based digital transformation services for your paper and digital records can help you remain competitive and meet the needs of your customers.

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Laptop on top of a stack of files before digital backups are made of the physical documents.

Improve Resiliency with Superior Document Digitization Solutions

While some paper storage may always be necessary, the need for document digitization solutions is inevitable—and invaluable. In a natural disaster, damage can be catastrophic if critical business information is still in paper form and stored on premises.

It’s not a matter of if you need digital backups, but when, and we’re here to help wherever you are on your digital transformation journey.

“The Access team is top notch and will walk you through the process regardless of how complex the project may seem. I’m extremely satisfied with the move to Access and only wish we would have done it sooner.”

Patrick Benedict
Director of Records Management Services, Perkins Coie

Document Digitization Services That Improve Productivity for Better Business Outcomes

Document digitization is a process where a paper document is scanned and converted into an electronic file. Software can then index the file so it can be retrieved easily anywhere.

With 24/7 online access to the information you need, digitization gives your team the ability to act, respond, and complete tasks more efficiently and accurately. This can include quicker turnaround times, the ability to complete mission-critical projects, and better profit margins.

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Maximize Office Space by Removing Paper Files

A comprehensive information governance program with scanning and secure disposition at its core increases productivity and reduces risk. Secure disposition reduces storage costs and risk of information breach exposure while digitization ensures all the right people have access to the documents they need no matter where they are working.

Start by securely shredding records that are no longer required. Digitize and store records in a cloud-based solution for secure access from anywhere. Any records you choose to keep in a paper format can be stored off-site to de-clutter your office, free up space for your employees, and potentially reduce skyrocketing real estate costs.

Digitize your most actively used and important documents, securely shred the documents you no longer need and store offsite the paper documents you need infrequently.

Young female office worker surrounded by document file boxes. Other workers organize files for a digital transformation of physical records.
Headshot of Tony Skarupa, Access CEO

Information is your most valuable asset. It’s our passion.

Ready to take control of your information lifecycle? Let’s talk about how our digital transformation services can help you improve your processes.