Is your company managing all of your magnetic tape backups, medical x-rays, historical film and photographs or company trade secrets in-house? If so, it’s time to take an efficient and preemptive step to ensure that your critical business files are protected and stored properly to maintain their integrity and value.

From small businesses to large corporations, our records management professionals can help. Not only are they experts in media preservation, but they also have a thorough understanding of government regulations across all industries, including HIPAA, FACTA, FERPA, SOX, GLBA and BSA/AML.

Know Your Media Risks

When stored improperly, film, video and tape backups can begin to deteriorate within a few years due to everyday environmental and handling factors such as exposure to:

  • Sunlight
  • Humidity
  • Liquids
  • Natural Skin Oils

With strict ordinances and business rules dictating the storage requirements for many of these records, you need a partner that can help prevent deterioration and ensure security. By eliminating unwanted environmental factors and reducing the handling of objects, we can help preserve your company’s film and media records for the long haul.