Every company is bombarded with information on a daily basis. From sales reports to customer feedback to employee records, there is a never ending stream of data being created that needs to find a home within a business, preferably in an organized fashion. As technology advances, the pile of raw and processed data continues to grow and the challenge of keeping it under control becomes more important.

This is where the use of document management services and other outside methods come into play. A recent article from Image and Data Manager examined the current state of document management systems (DMS) market. It said that the landscape has experienced increased adoption, particularly when it comes to the small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs).

“With growing operations, SMEs need to find a solution for their document management, storage, and other features,” one researcher told the news source. “These needs are leading SMEs to shift toward DMS solutions.”

The article cites a study by analyst firm Research and Markets that found the document management systems are on track to grow at an annual rate of nearly 14 percent through 2016. The study also found that effective corporate information strategies will be leading the way on the increased adoption. These strategies are helping businesses streamline processes and simplify a complex and frustrating system.

Deploying a DMS solution can be easier said than done. By partnering with a document management and information service, any company can start implementing a DMS solution and get the training and support to run it effectively.