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Integrated Information Management on Your Terms

Managing your information lifecycle doesn’t need to be daunting. Realize the potential of your information and develop a strategic approach to prioritization with our new Integrated Information Management Roadmap. Learn how to:

  • Audit your current information processes
  • Create a comprehensive timeline aligned with resources and regulations
  • Strategize for your environment – mostly digital, mostly physical, or somewhere in between

Ensure your organization not only survives but thrives in today’s data-driven landscape. Get started on improving your organization’s information management program now!

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What is Information Lifecycle Management?

Information lifecycle management is how you get a handle on everything between document creation and secure destruction. Access provides solutions to help you manage that lifecycle, end to end. Say goodbye to gaps that waste precious time and money.

The Access approach to information management makes silos crumble. It’s a holistic approach to caring for both physical and digital information at any stage. It’s one, cohesive records management philosophy that gives you the tools to access your critical information, anywhere, and at any time.

Put Your Information to Work for You

When document management gets out of control, information no longer works for you. Access manages your entire information lifecycle, so you can oversee your entire program. No matter where a document is in its information lifecycle, you get ease of use, accessibility, efficiency, and cost-savings.

What does it mean to have true Access?

  • A unified view of paper and digital records
  • Complete, secure management of physical records
  • Cloud-based, SaaS technology
  • Out-of-the-box managed services
  • A customer-first business model
  • A team that knows data is your most valuable asset

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