August 6, 2016, was a day to be remembered for five Members of Access Colorado. The Team volunteered their time to assist 150 Special Olympics athletes in the 2016 Mile High Regional Golf Competition, keeping score, locating balls and picking up a few tips for their own games along the way.

The Team Members split up to accompany golfing foursomes as the athletes completed either 18 holes or 9 holes, or participated in the skills competition. The daylong event took place at Fitzsimons Golf Course in Aurora, CO, and gave Team Colorado the chance to meet some very talented athletes dedicated to this highly technical game.
Special Olympics Colorado Golfers

The commitment and skill displayed were only surpassed by the positivity and cheerfulness of the Special Olympics Colorado participants, which could be seen throughout the entire day. Whether the athletes hit a bad shot or were coming in above par, they were always happy.

When Access Regional General Manager, Todd Seman, mentioned this infectious attitude to one of the athlete’s fathers, the man smiled and replied, “he is the happiest kid I know and it’s a blessing to be his dad.”

Social Olympics Golfers putting

The happiness and appreciation expressed by the Special Olympics athletes left the Team Access volunteers grateful for the chance to have supported a “really fun event.” Way to go, Team Colorado!

Access CO volunteer collage