Access maintains a commitment to reduce our use of natural resources and the toxicity of the waste we discard.

Throughout the organization, Access has implemented a responsible use of energy and resources. As such, branch audits are performed companywide on a regular basis to assess and maintain the efficient use of electricity and fuel.

All new branches are equipped with light timers or motion sensors to minimize use of electricity in our record centers. Our facility audits include lighting inspections to ensure proper working order of lighting systems and replacement of bulbs with high efficiency, longer-lasting bulbs.

In concert with our fleet management partner, we closely monitor the fuel efficiency of our vehicles and conduct regular audits and maintenance to maximize fuel efficiency and maintain low emissions. Transportation scheduling is also carefully mapped to maximize fuel efficiency on each route. In addition, many Access branches use smaller vehicles for rush deliveries, such as the Mini Cooper and hybrid vehicles. Going forward, all delivery vehicles will be replaced with more fuel efficient models in each class.

To further reduce the use of fuel and energy required for document delivery, Access also encourages the use of Scan-on-Demand. When a client needs a document it can be scanned and delivered electronically, eliminating the need for a physical delivery, further reducing the use of fuel and release of emissions into the environment.

Increase security and compliance while contributing to the health of the environment. Contact your nearest Access facility to discuss your ongoing shredding opportunities or to set up a community shredding event!

Limiting Toxicity

When it comes to business products, Access selects products that are made without harmful chemicals that might result in a toxic work environment.

Access partners with All Source Security Container USA, a leading producer of green shredding containers. All Source containers meet all CARP and LEED standards, are formaldehyde-free and 100% recyclable.

Access also uses 100% recyclable records containers, as well as cleaning products that are free of harmful, toxic chemicals.


Access business practices call for the reuse of materials whenever possible. In place of single-use plastic bags, Access uses environmentally friendly, reusable pouches for file deliveries. The pouches are more secure and have a longer life, adding less waste to our landfills.

Through our partnership with Perm-A-Store, Access promotes the use of reusable media containers to store electronic data, vital records and archives. Perm-A-Store’s Turtle media containers are secure, durable and made from recycled plastic.

The average American office worker goes through approximately 500 disposable cups every year. To do our part to eliminate disposable cups and plastic bottles from our landfills, Access provides personal, reusable drinking containers and filtered water for team members at each office location.


Each year, Americans trash enough office paper to build a 12-foot-high wall from Los Angeles to New York City. At Access, we minimize our contribution to the country’s growing landfills by recycling. With a thriving, secure destruction business in place across the country, Access shreds thousands of tons of paper, e-waste and products, such as pill bottles, each year. All of the resulting destruction materials –without exception – are recycled.

At all Access operations we take a similar stance on our personal waste. Shred bins are placed throughout our offices and all paper products are deposited into them. Each branch also sorts and recycles office waste.

The shredded paper material that Access recycles is used to produce products we all need, including cardboard, paper towels and tissue.

Reduce, reuse, recycle…Access the possibilities.