Managing your records across the full information lifecycle

The automotive industry relies heavily on paper-based processes with stringent compliance requirements. Our secure
and compliant full service records and information management approach helps you save time, save money and focus on selling cars and serving your customers.

Sales contracts, repair orders and test results, business-related inventory, promotional, HR and financial records, notifications, electronic forms and more
are are all easily managed to free up time and reduce your administrative workload.

Save your space for the showroom

File cabinets don’t improve the customer experience and shouldn’t take over your dealership space. You can confidently store your records at our state-of-the-art storage facilities, offering advanced security and safety features.

Our offsite storage solutions are designed to economically free up your space while helping your business remain compliant and secure.

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Transform your documents and your dealership

Converting your paper files to electronic ones enables access to all of your information at your fingertips, anytime you need it.

You can quickly respond to customer concerns, eliminate lost paperwork, and fulfill any rapid retrieval requests, empowering you to provide the exceptional customer service on which you have built your reputation.

Scan and digitize all applicable files including signatures, handwritten notes and other annotations. Index each document to ensure all relevant records are kept together.

Our end-to-end solution gives you options to store or securely destroy the original documents based on your retention guidelines.

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Ensure compliant retention and secure retrieval

Ensure your files are retained and retrieved in compliance with all applicable regulations regarding the security of personal identity information with a full suite of records management solutions .

Our secure online portal, FileBRIDGE Records, allows you to quickly manage and retrieve your files, request scan-on-demand or a delivery of any documents you require.

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Securely destroy your files

Based on your dealership’s needs, we provide ongoing shredding services or one time purges to help you free up your space and ensure compliance.

Whether paper, film, or other forms of media, we securely destroy your records in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws.

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