Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

This is the creed of the postal service. In fact, these very words (though in Greek, of course) were first written by the historian Herodotus in 440 BCE to describe the postal service of ancient Persia.

The post office deserves our thanks for continuing to heroically deliver the mail in the midst of a pandemic, but their appointed rounds take them to your office. You’re not there these days, and may not be for quite a while yet. But it’s still essential to check the mail seeing as how, email and instant messaging notwithstanding, lots of important things may be waiting for your action. It might, for example, be really good to know about that subpoena duces tecum the opposing party sent, or that big check from the customer that you’ve been waiting for since February.

You could don your hazard gear and risk a trip to the office (local ordinances permitting,) or you could have your company’s snail-mail forwarded to your house. But then, you’d have to sort through dozens, if not hundreds, of pieces of mail every day on your dining room table, and then figure out what to do with the mountain of junk mail and the pile of documents you now have to digitize using that puny little $90 scanner you bought. To say nothing of disinfecting yourself and the table!

Get Your Corporate Mail Digitally – at Home

A lot of organizations are instead choosing to employ digital mailroom services to solve this problem. Yes, in this our current gloom of night, the postal service isn’t the only able to carry the mail for you – Access is here as well. If you’ve got mail to deal with, we can take care of it: we have the space, equipment and personnel to deal with it, without your ever having to do anything but look at the important stuff. We can collect it, sort it, scan it, organize it and make it available electronically via a secure repository. What about things like checks and parcel contents? No problem: we can send them wherever they need to go. Junk mail that you don’t want scanned? Just tell us what to do: trash it or store it for your later review. It’s a complete virtual mailroom that allows you to focus on the important things while you leave the mail management to us.

This process is here and ready when you need it—and it’s here by customer demand. When the COVID shutdown started to bite, many of our customers found themselves unable to access their mail, and they reached out to us for help. Our crack team worked overtime to design a solution to meet this critical and immediate need.

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