Get Your Physical Mail Delivered to a Digital Mailbox

While working from home or sheltering in place, you still need access to your physical mail and packages. Important documents, checks, and more are being delivered to your offices or PO boxes. If you can’t get to them yourself, our digital mailroom services are here to help.

Access has been designated an essential service for businesses. Our transportation fleet and services teams are operational, and working to the highest safety standards. Our virtual mailbox service provides secure chain of custody for retrieving and delivering your post mail digitally.

We can work with you no matter what your current office environment looks like. Multiple locations? Employees working from home? Virtual central office? In any scenario, collecting and distributing mail with our digital mailroom services will increase productivity and security for your business.

We can start picking up your physical mail from any location, and virtually delivering it to you, right away.

Digital Mailroom Benefits: Quick, Secure, Online Access to Important Documents

When your staff can’t be in the office, your business doesn’t have to suffer from a lack of access to its paper mail. Our team will help you maintain continuity by becoming your electronic mailroom outsourcing partner. All we need is your business mailing address (real street address) or post office box, and we’ll take it from there.

Our digital mailroom services and virtual PO box solutions can help you organize:

  • Business contracts
  • Important communications
  • Invoices and checks
  • Shipments and deliveries for distributed employees

Document management, sensitive PII that’s being delivered by mail, and timely receipt of checks and invoices are the last things you should have to worry about right now. As an information management services company, we ensure the security of sensitive personally identifiable information that’s being delivered.

Worker Making Copies of Documents

How Does a Virtual PO Box Work?

Need more info on how a virtual mailroom solution works? Our expert team members will take care of all your standard mailroom processes, and then some. We’ll:

  1. Pick up incoming mail from your business PO Box. High volumes of mail are no problem at all.
  2. Securely deliver any mail items you receive to our scanning facility. The entire trip from pickup to deliver is tracked using secure GPS tracking for full transparency.
  3. Receive mail and open mail parcels.
  4. Separate out junk mail prior to document scanning, bundle it by date, and store or shred it. (Your preference!)
  5. Scan the envelope and mail contents of each parcel.
  6. Digitally transform the envelope image and contents into one searchable PDF document.
  7. Make your scanned mail available through a secure digital mailroom repository, ready for electronic distribution.You can view and manage everything in one place, then easily and securely distribute documents to your workforce.
  8. Separate important items like checks and packages, and physically return them to you with minimal human contact.
  9. Original documents can be securely stored, shredded, or returned to you.


the 6-step process of Access' digital mailroom service

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