As the largest provider of inpatient and outpatient services in the state of New Jersey, Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) began to look into ways to enhance the management of patient records while achieving HIPAA compliance. After careful review it was evident that HUMC’s current document management process restricted growth due to the lack of technology. After researching a number of options, HUMC recognized that a records storage provider with reliable tracking and retrieval processes, and highly scalable systems was the solution. That provider was Access.

“By partnering with Access, we now have a long-term partner for all our document management needs.” Barbara Siegel, Director of Health Information Management at HUMC

The Solution

By utilizing Access’ off-site Records Center facility HUMC has access to a cost effective process complete with barcode tracking, system-driven workflows, and sophisticated records management systems. Access’ hard copy records storage services support all of HUMC’s document management requirements. This includes records pick-up and delivery, filing, retrieval, refiling, vital records maintenance, document destruction, and custom reporting. As part of a comprehensive solution, Access also physically relocated over 1.2 million patient records and migrated database records for over 75 departments at HUMC.

For emergency situations, HUMC was also interested in a solution that would deliver medical files as quickly as possible. Access’ Scan-on-Demand service allows highly active documents to be delivered in a secure, electronic format for staff to view instantly. This provides an opportunity for HUMC to further improve patient care through immediate access to information. By using Access’ Scan on-Demand document conversion services HUMC can request hard copy records and view them as electronic files from their desktops in less than an hour. Destruction services also provide the medical center.


With Access’ comprehensive, off-site, hard copy records storage services, HUMC has moved to a scalable solution allowing for rapid retrieval of patient records. The policies and processes set in place with the Access solution have effectively streamlined HUMC’s records management efforts while complying with HIPAA regulations and its state laws.

The Access solution enables staff to track the organization’s entire hard copy inventory by the box or file. Requests for records can be managed remotely with Web-based access to hard copy records and 24×7 customer service. Siegel reports the responsiveness of Access’ services has also resulted in a significant decrease in time spent by staff finding patient files. With new, easy-to-use capabilities that supply immediate access to information, HUMC employees can focus solely on providing the best patient care.

The innovative Access technology also compliments the technical support already in place at HUMC. By partnering with a service provider, the internal technical department has expanded their technology resources.

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