Outsourced Information Management Creates IG Compliance Across Your Organization

When information lives in multiple rooms or even multiple information silos, compliance becomes more complicated. When you scale up—or even scale down—it becomes even more complex.

Outsourced document management consolidates your information, creating a central physical and digital repository that allows certified users to upload, access, and share information.

By interacting with your end users, we make sure that information moves through its lifecycle according to plan.

Avoid The Hassles And Risk Of In-House Information Management Systems

Handling your information management in-house seems like a great way to save money. Unfortunately, it usually isn’t. There are a lot of challenges, some of which include:

Staff Training and Turnover

You need dedicated staff to handle information governance and compliance. Whether that’s a full-time employee or handled by multiple people handling multiple roles, it’s a huge responsibility. And, there are times when it falls through the cracks, including during:

  • Staff turnover
  • Illness or vacation
  • Peak activity periods
  • Acquisitions, mergers, audits, and other peak times

Information doesn’t stop gathering because you’re short-staffed. Staying on top of it is an everyday responsibility and introduces risk for potential regulatory non-compliance.


If you’re storing your physical records on site, you need physical space. But it can’t just be any space. It has to meet the following requirements:

  • Be large enough to handle peak expected demand
  • Be secure from break-ins
  • Be climate-controlled to prevent degradation
  • Provide timely document access for approved staff
  • Restrict document access from those without proper permissions
  • Be safe in case of fire, natural disaster, or other emergencies

You don’t want to run out of room for information, or have too much space that’s being wasted. Either approach is a waste of money. Our offsite storage solutions can help.


Whether you’re growing or making needed cuts, your information volume can change. That could mean not having enough staff or having redundant staff. It could mean too much or too little space. It could mean having to create a new IG plan on the fly, or worse: not considering it. 

Scaling in any direction means a change to your business processes. And that means it’s time for change management.