The office is evolving. Unify your information management services.

Remote workforces. Hybrid office solutions. The pursuit of paperless. As the idea of work changes, your information management services need to change along with them.

Access Unify is how you support the management of hybrid paper and digital environments. You can eliminate redundancies and streamline collaboration across your organization, no matter where everyone is working.

With a flat-rate monthly fee, you can predict and manage your costs.

Leading-edge technology. World-class services. The beginning of your digital transformation journey.

Digital Information Management For Peak Efficiency and Performance

Combining paper and digital record management doesn’t have to be messy. It can be accessible and intuitive. When your staff can access the documents they need, anytime and anywhere, they have the power to do their best work.

Access Unify, a suite of digital information management services, boosts performance by integrating with the systems your business already uses. This means:

  • No need to purchase other information management systems
  • Reduced staff training time
  • Accelerated ramp-up
  • A fully seamless, digital-first experience

What can you do when you get the information you need, whenever and wherever you need it? Anything.

See How A Flat-Cost Information Management Service Changes Your Business

Your staff needs to access crucial information. You need to have stable costs so you can plan your budget. Access Unify gives you both.

Get Started with Your Digital Transformation

Keep Your Active Files Accessible for Everyone

Having active files is a good thing. Having to manage them? That’s a challenge. When people across the world need access to the same files, it can put a stress on the system and slow work down.

The Access Unify Active File Service offers industry-leading turnaround times (less than 4 hours) for the digital delivery of your active paper files stored with Access⁠—all for a predictable monthly flat-rate.

What does this reliability do?

  • Lowers cost of storage
  • Handles increased document request
  • Streamlines workflows
  • Reduces stress

You want your active files to be, well, active. Unify makes sure the right people have them.

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Securely Archive Electronic Content

Many organizations today are holding on to expensive legacy systems and applications because the records within must be retained to ensure compliance. Maintaining these systems is a costly endeavor and extracting electronic documents can also be an expensive and time-consuming effort.

Access Unify | Secure Compliance includes information management services that provide a central source of truth with a cloud-based, secure and compliant digital repository for your legacy documents, content and records. As applications are retired, whether driven from technological requirements or merger and acquisition activities, Access Unify can help ensure your digital records archive maintains a legally-defensible collection of legacy content.

  • Centralize and protect files
  • Retire legacy applications
  • Share and collaborate securely
  • Automate defensible disposition

Learn more about Secure Compliance

Leading-Edge Capabilities to Meet Your Evolving Needs

Access is committed to ensuring that your organization has stable, secure, and innovative solutions to drive your business forward. Over 50 dedicated developers, managers and leaders are committed to crafting industry-leading Access Unify offerings that meet your specific needs.

With multiple security and code scans daily, and second-to-none infrastructure, we are able to quickly deliver impactful capabilities as your business evolves over time. These soon-to-be-available capabilities include artificial intelligence (machine learning & deep learning), real-time metrics and analytics, and even secure data stores for archiving digital records.

Scan Only What You Need At a Fixed Rate

“The flat, monthly subscription helps to drive a balanced budget and allows for expansion for other RM initiatives.”

Compliance Specialist, Established Regional Non-Profit

Kickstart Your Digital Revolution

Work has changed. Employees and clients expect a digital-first environment that supports work and access-from-anywhere spaces.

This calls for a complete digital transformation journey. It’s a step-by-step process that changes the way you work without disrupting your business. That’s the power of Unify.

Unify digital and physical documents. Unify your workplaces. Unify your past and your future with an information management service you can trust.

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