Flexible Document Management Solutions for Law Firms

Focus on clients and cases without sacrificing time and accuracy. Access the legal documents you need, when you need them, with a detailed and efficient records retrieval system.

Our legal document management services can simplify the records management lifecycle, including:

  • Secure storage – for all your paper documents and case files. Underground vaults are available for tape rolls or other sensitive media.
  • Document scanning and digitization – save office space and create digital backups of your sensitive documents
  • Legal document management software – for instant access and visibility into your stored files
  • Secure destruction of records and files once the retention schedule has expired

Store and Retrieve Legal Documents Safely and Accurately

Comprehensive audits ensure accuracy and reliability in obtaining the records you need.

Submit a subpoena preparation or authorization order request form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

  1. We validate the information is current, complete, and authentic.
  2. Notifications go out within 24 hours, creating and distributing subpoenas or notices to all involved parties.
  3. Documents are reviewed against the request to ensure all records are processed completely and correctly.
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Digital Delivery – Confident & Prompt

Tailored to your firm’s needs, digital delivery allows filtered access as well as the tracking of user interactions for maximum security.

  • Retrieve your records through our online system at the click of a button.
  • Scan and import documents directly into your document management system.
  • Scan and send files directly to you or specified members of your firm.

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Secure Chain of Custody for All Your Legal Records

Every record, file, or piece of paper is governed by a strict chain of custody, ensuring complete control and security of your information.

Transfer Files from Existing Vendors

Transferring records to another vendor can help reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and increase quality service.

Our legal records management experts provide a safe and confidential transfer of files without disrupting your workflow.

We can also help manage the entire process, from start to finish.

Move your records for free – we provide competitive buyout programs in order to help keep your move as low cost as possible.

Join the thousands of other law firms who have chosen Access to manage their records, today.

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Digitize & Manage Files with Legal Document Management Software

Reduce the cost and stress of storing your legal documents onsite by converting to digital files that can be accessed with our legal document management system.

Convert existing records in bulk or scan files as needs.

Safely digitize and store your files in our secure digital platform or directly into your own document management system.

We’ll work with you to identify and index all relevant files and purge any duplicates to ensure maximum efficiency. Access digitized files instantly from anywhere in the world.

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Maximize Security and Compliance, Reduce Costs

Office real estate can be a costly expense for law firms.

Offsite document storage options and digital conversion services help you reduce operational costs and use your space for business, not storage.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are PRISM Privacy+ Certified, including fireproof vaults for the secure storage of your most important documents.

We’ll help you protect your information, while remaining compliant with any state and federal regulations and any internal information governance policies.

Our services are designed to optimize your space, time, and budget.

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Secure Offsite and Mobile Shredding

Are you running the risk of a data breach?  Is your company using office space for storage overflow?

Our document shredding services scale to help you save space and destroy documents and electronic media, securely and compliantly.

Document shredder

Secure Document Destruction

Secure shredding of your office documents protects you, aligns with your retention policy and ensures paper is recycled to support your green initiatives.

Service Options

  • Scheduled rotation of secure consoles and bins
  • One-time purge and destruction
  • Shredding events

Client Services

  • Record destruction policy consultation
  • Chain of custody
  • Dedicated client care team
  • Certificate of destruction

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Our innovative legal file management and document storage solutions make us a trusted records management partner to law firms throughout the nation.

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