Do Away With the “Storing Everything Everywhere All at Once” Approach to Legal Records

Most law firms are moving to the cloud. Document-heavy functions, like DMS systems and eDiscovery and litigation document review, are some of the most popular workflows en route to the digital realm. 

For those not yet digitizing, the cost is a major obstacle. Many vendors charge by the record to store hard copies, and cloud-storage costs mount when organizations scan everything all at once. When document-laden processes are the preferred cloud targets, the bottom line can grow in a hurry. 

Access Unify offers a flat-rate monthly fee for storage and on-demand scanning, helping law firms and legal departments move to the cloud without the ballooning price tag. Automated retention schedules help firms keep only what they need. 

Unify offers the best of both worlds so the legal industry can digitize without drama.

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Access Unify Offers Data Security and Regulatory Compliance Legal Clients Expect

Nearly one-third of lawyers have experienced a security breach at their firm. Yet, data privacy has become a major priority for legal clients. When client growth and retention are paramount to success, firms must provide the same level of data privacy they help their clients achieve.  

With Access Unify, client-attorney privilege is sacrosanct. Lawyers can create digital reading rooms, so only the right people see documents and information stored on the platform. Security protocols include certified chain-of-custody information, from pickup to one of our state-of-the-art, PRISM Privacy+ Certified records centers.

Our team of lawyers research data-privacy rules and regulations and updates our compliance rules regularly. This domain expertise lets firms easily protect their information while remaining compliant with myriad regulations and internal information governance policies.

Access Unify keeps information secure so firms can practice what they preach.

Administrative Work Shouldn’t Get in the Way of Practicing Law

75% of law firms believe their attorneys have too much administrative work and that team members spend too much time on manual tasks. Only 25% have a legal knowledge management strategy that fully aligns with their business strategy. It’s no wonder knowledge management is one of the least mature aspects of legal operations.  

Especially in an increasingly hybrid environment, lawyers and their teams are often saddled with a litany of questions:

  • Where is this docket?
  • What’s in the floor-to-ceiling stacks of boxes in storage?
  • What do we do with the documents we inherited during a merger?
  • How do we collaborate when some courts use paper systems and some are digital?

Access Unify leverages ever-evolving AI tools to identify records contents and quickly provide answers to all these questions and more. Unify integrates with existing legal management systems (LMSs) via a robust API library, so everyone from lawyers to clerks can access records in a familiar way.

Our technology pours over records so lawyers don’t have to.

Keep a Modern Workforce Engaged With Modern Tools

Most lawyers agree that the appropriate tools automate and simplify administrative tasks so they can get back to pressing issues. Half of all lawyers say they will not join a firm that doesn’t employ legal technology. 

However, more than one-third of lawyers attribute stress and burnout to having too many applications and tools to manage effectively.

Access Unify provides a modern way for young legal professionals, who are expecting a digital-first experience, to manage information. Unify is a single, electronic pane of glass for all records under management, whether they are in paper or digital formats. 

Access Unify streamlines activity and simplifies technology to help create the environment firms need to attract, retain and engage personnel.

Access Evolves With You

Lawyers are duty-bound to keep client information safe and secure. This duty extends to firms’ record-keeping systems, from physically secured rooms to compliant cloud-based digital tools. Records must be maintained in a safe and secure manner, protected from both loss and compromise.

Access is committed to providing the legal industry with stable, secure, and innovative solutions that drive businesses forward. We have over 50 dedicated developers, managers, and leaders who create industrial-strength and customized solutions to meet changing needs.

With 190 locations serving 250 markets in the Americas, Access has more than two billion records under management and scans half a million pages daily. We integrate with more than 250 content management platforms through our API, all to ensure your records are safe, secure, and where you need them when you need them to be there. 

As your business evolves, so do we. Soon-to-be-available capabilities include artificial intelligence (machine learning & deep learning), real-time metrics and analytics, and secure data stores for archiving digital records.