During our recent webinar, called “No Document Strategy? Papercuts are the Least of your Worries,” we released a statistic from a survey we conducted that 73% of HR Professionals still rely on paper documents.

That number is staggering but, quite frankly, not surprising. HR professionals have a lot on their plates and they are responsible for some of their organization’s most sensitive documents. Most know that they should be moving to a more digitally based process and understand the benefits, but they are overwhelmed and don’t have the bandwidth to figure out how to get there.

Change can be a scary proposition, but it doesn’t have to be a painful one. The reality is that the gains made by digitizing your files and automating your HR processes far outweigh any perceived detractors.

HR professionals need to be spending their time on strategy and higher level services rather than administrative tasks like looking for files or trying to compile meaningful analytics – things that easily could and should be automated. Paper will never go away, we know that, but there is a way to reduce the amount of paper that is produced while staying in compliance and mitigating exposure to risk.

Watch our FileBRIDGE® overview video if you would like to find out more about automating your document processes.