Our Autumn 2017 Explorer was just released and, once again, is filled with many stories that show just how committed we are to finding the better way in everything we do. From our interactions with our clients and communities to our commitment to helping our fellow Team Members improve and succeed, this issue’s stories are inspiring to read. Check out ten of our favorites below!

UnitedHealthcare Honorable Mention

1. Putting health first.

At Access, our goal is to empower every one of our Team Members to become their very best selves, both physically and emotionally. Through programs like Today I Can Do Anything (TICDA) and ENERGIZED! we encourage each other to get active and strive for greatness. These healthy initiatives earned us an Honorable Mention in UnitedHealthcare’s Well Deserved Award.

2. Growing, growing, growing!

For the ninth consecutive year, Access was featured on the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies. Our growth wasn’t limited to within the country’s borders. Access Brazil was also named one of the Fastest-Growing SMB Companies in Brazil by Deloitte. This tremendous growth was only possible because of all the hard work and dedication that our Team Members bring each and every day. 

Denver Special Olympics Plane Pull

3. Showing some muscle.

Team Denver and their families came together for the second year in a row to participate in the 2017 Special Olympics Plane Pull. They flexed their muscles and pulled the plane 12 feet in under eight seconds!

Dukenson "Duke" Liberus

4. Coming together in times of need.

After this year’s devastating hurricanes, the Access Team sprang into action. Not only did we set up a Go Fund Me campaign that raised more than $17,000 in donations, but many Team Members volunteered their own time to help those affected in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. Dukenson (“Duke”) Liberus of Pompano even purchased water for his entire branch in preparation for Hurricane Irma.

Water Bottle Soakers

5. Sending comfort abroad.

Protecting our nation is hard work, especially out in the desert heat. Corporate Collection Specialist, Debbie Asbury, and her crochet group made 200 water bottle soakers to send to US Army troops overseas. These soakers will keep the soldiers cool and hydrated.

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Bagging apples for families in need

6. Bagging apples for families in need.

Oregon Team Members, Andy Rants and Chris Whippen, partnered with the ALA in Portland to bag apples for Portland families in need. Together, they bagged 28,000 apples!

NAMI 5K Walk

7. Walking for a worthy cause.

When it comes to helping others, sometimes it’s more fun to do it as a team! Members of our Columbus branch participated in a NAMI 5K Walk to help raise awareness for Americans suffering from mental illness. Together, they raised $1,105 that will go towards providing support and education.

Costa Rica volunteering

8.  Volunteering with children.

Giving can take many different forms, but one of the most valuable ways to give back is to volunteer with those less fortunate. Our Costa Rica Team spent some time at the Casa Pan Hospice where they gave the orphan children some much-needed love, smiles and quality time.

Dale Gyorfi and Kyle Congdon

9. Delivering exceptional service.

Team Members Dale Gyorfi and Kyle Congdon went above and beyond during the acquisition of AIM to ensure everything was executed successfully, working long hours and even living away from their families to complete the job on time.

Team Itupeva

10. Feeding the hungry.

Our Itupeva branch participated in a charitable event, collecting more than two tons of food to help feed those in need! They also collected 5,000 pieces of clothing to donate.


Thanks for reading! For even more stories like these, be sure to read the full 2017 Autumn Explorer here.