There are a few decisions that every company, regardless of size, will have to make. From business communication to computer systems, there are certain basic tools and services that will be debated by company decision-makers. One of them is document storage and, while it may not seem high on the priority list, it can lead to a number of issues if it is not handled properly.

There are a few different factors that companies need to consider that are an important piece of the business record and information management program.

The first is the fact that certain documents, like tax return information and signed contracts, need to be held onto for an extended period of time, either as a best practice or by law.

Second, even though there is a push for a paperless office, the investment to these kinds of systems can become expensive, especially if they have been in business for awhile and have a large cache of documents.

Susan Ward has a piece in Small Business: Canada about the importance of business record management services.

“Even if your small business is storing documents in filing cabinets, there are costs associated with storage – not just the cost of the filing cabinets themselves, but the cost of time when you and/or your employees file documents or go to retrieve them,” wrote Ward. “In fact, the largest cost associated with storage, for most small businesses, is probably the cost of the time wasted when people are looking for documents.”

By partnering with a document storage company, any business can improve its organization while also freeing up space in the office. Any company can rest assured that all of its important documents are in a safe place and are easily accessible if needed.