When it comes to office organization and document management, most people prioritize the ability to streamline efficiency and improve daily operations. However, getting rid of the clutter may also be needed as it seems workers may be getting less and less space.

A recent survey from CoreNet Global found that the average amount of office space per employee has dropped to 150 square feet. That is a decrease of 33 percent from 2010 when each worker had 225 square feet. This shrinking will not stop, as many of the company executives surveyed said they believe it will drop again over the next five years to 100 square feet.

Because of this, many companies are looking to create collaborative spaces, instead of individual offices. However, 33 percent of businesses believe the shift toward collaborative spaces is negatively affecting performance.

Anthony Pearlgood, the managing director of a U.K. based document management service said that one way to address this is through the use of a local document storage facility.

“If you are expanding your business but not looking to upgrade or relocate your office, consider investing in offsite document storage as a financially friendly solution to your space saving needs,” Pearlgood said. “Offsite document storage is an ideal way to maximize the space you already have. Storing your records offsite allows you to free up room in the workspace without having to discard important documentation.”

With office space shrinking, a document storage and information management service can help any business successfully organize its files.