The Challenge

  • Sheer number of physical employee HR files becoming impossible to manage
  • Need to address legacy employee files as well as active employees’ HR files
  • Space constraints and the high cost of real estate lead to digital transformation strategy

The Solution

Access’ document management platform for Human Resources, CartaHR, along with conversion services

The Results

  • Real estate was freed up for new employee workspace at company headquarters
  • Need for efficiency and security led to a single physical-to-digital transformation partner
  • CartaHR helped HR do more better in less time

About Client

Industry: Retail
Company Size: Enterprise 27,000+ employees
Location: United States


files digitized, indexed and destroyed


With over 4,000 locations and more than 24,000 employees in the U.S. alone, this retailer of professional beauty supplies experiences a significant volume of HR document and compliance requirements for its rapidly changing workforce.

“We’ve enjoyed working with Access throughout our transition to digital employee HR documentation. The CartaHR team has acted as a true partner to our organization, helping us to drive new initiatives and delivering a product that is easy to use while saving us time and money.”Director of HR Operations

The retailer maintains an enormous volume of employee files for both departed and active employees to meet compliance laws. Over time, these records became increasingly burdensome due to storage requirements locally and at headquarters. Finding and retrieving documents when needed became a real challenge.

The nature of this high volume retail business means natural seasonal and cyclical high turnover which leads to a larger number of employee files to manage, store and track for compliance and retention. In planning for digital transformation, HR leadership sought a streamlined solution to converting paper employee files to a digital document management platform both retroactively, and a go-forward process. The company needed to free up space for newly-hired employees at corporate headquarters, and the desire to save on costs vs. continuing to store paper documents on-site led to a digital transformation strategy.

The Solution: An Efficient Transition From Paper to Digital Employee Records

The rapidly-growing company chose CartaHR to manage their HR records. They were able to use the valuable space at headquarters that had been occupied by documents for a much more important goal: adding new employees without paying for additional space.

CartaHR provided an ideal, secure platform for managing and archiving employee files, while Access’ physical document-handling capabilities made the transition to cloud-based documents quick and painless. The retail managers simply boxed all their HR files and shipped them to Access, where the CartaHR team scanned and indexed each of the approximately 60,000 employee files that were stored on-site before handling secure destruction of the original files. Regional and corporate HR saved time and reduced the administrative work associated with finding, retrieving and accessing employee documents for audits and other needs.

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