Increase efficiency by turning paper files into digital documents.

Some physical documents need to be stored for several years in order to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. However, the majority of active business documents and legacy records can be scanned or converted from paper to digital. With a document management system you can instantly access the information you need.

Embracing this approach—converting paper documents to digital—can help your company remain competitive and better meet the needs of your customers in today’s increasingly “immediate” economy.

Document imaging solutions that fit your business application needs.

At Access, we guide thousands of customers towards a more digital office through customized document scanning and conversion projects.

Do you have a large scale scanning project as part of a broader digital transformation initiative? Or do you need recurring scanning services and digital retrieval as part of your business processes?

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Easily access your digital images and electronic files anytime.

We guarantee minimal disruption to your business, enabling your team to access documents throughout the digital transformation process.

Integrating day-forward scanning processes and document management software solutions can automate workflows and improve productivity. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms or HR-specific document management platform like CartaHR can optimize your digital transformation.

Secure File Sharing and Access

While documents can be retrieved in physical format, sharing them through copying, faxing, mailing or emailing can be inefficient and insecure. Retrieving and sharing documents digitally can streamline processes, reducing your costs while improving the security of information.

Integrate with Existing ERP solution

Document Indexing and Classification

Access’ document scanning and data capture services will ensure consistent classification and indexing, without sacrificing user retrievability or security. By integrating with our document management solutions, organizations create intuitive central repositories making it fast and easy to find information when it is needed.

Our software solutions can also classify and file your scanned and digital-born documents accurately, without human intervention. In addition, content uploaded to our platforms, Perceptive Content by Hyland, or your ECM is stored in secure, redundant data centers to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

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Preserving Historical Records and Media Files

Historically significant records and media files are susceptible to deterioration from use and natural conditions, such as heat and humidity.

To preserve them for future generations we recommend custom scanning and imaging services, as well as, safely conserving the originals. Access offers storage media vaults for original records and files. Our secure, climate-controlled storage facilities surpass fire-rating standards and are equipped with dry fire suppression systems.

Through scanning and imaging, these older legacy records can be shared electronically, reducing the amount of physical handling required. Content may actually become more readable through scanning. In addition, the threat of natural disaster and record destruction can be reduced, as the scanned and imaged documents become a secure backup of the original.