Storing your valuable media in-house? If so, you could be at risk. Ensure the protection of your critical data today.

Maintain the integrity and value of your vital files by storing magnetic tape backups, medical x-rays, historical film and photographs in a secure Access vault.

Know Your Media Risks

When stored improperly, film, video and tape backups can deteriorate due to everyday environmental and handling factors such as exposure to:

  • Sunlight
  • Humidity
  • Liquids
  • Natural skin oils

With strict ordinances and business rules dictating the storage requirements for many of these records, you need a partner that can help prevent loss and ensure asset preservation for the long haul.

Media Vaults – Designed to Meet Your Needs

Access provides climate-controlled, weather and fire-protected facilities that will keep your data, tape backups and vital documents offsite, and safe in conservation appropriate environments.

Climate Control

Our state-of-the-art facilities are designed to regulate and maintain strict temperature management to keep your sensitive materials in mint condition.

All vaults are monitored 24/7 to ensure your documents are always maintained properly. Vault conditions can also be modified to meet your specific needs.

Fire Suppression

Each vault is designed to exceed industry standards for fire protection.

We employ both passive and active forms of fire protection, constructing each vault from fire-resistant materials and including environmentally friendly dry-fire suppression systems to provide optimized protection, even in emergency situations.


Ensure the safety of your records is guaranteed.

Storing your records in-house can open your organization up to misplaced or lost records, unauthorized access and even potential breaches.

With Access, only our records management professionals and you have access to your files.

Each of our locations is equipped with physical security and maintains a strict adherence to PRISM Privacy+ and NAID AAA Certification standards.

Tape Vaulting

Ensure your tapes remain viable and you stay compliant.

Many organizations rely on LTO, DLT-S and other magnetic tapes to regularly backup their critical IT infrastructure.

From medical facilities, hospitals and laboratories to large corporations in the financial or insurance industries, our media vaults are equipped to store your vital backups to meet strict and ever-changing regulations. Your data stays secure, protected and available so you can recover quickly and get up and running when the need arises.

Retrieve Your Documents – Wherever, Whenever

Easy Access with FileBridge Records

Storing your records and tapes comes complete with easy access and retrieval.

Upon arrival, each photograph, x-ray, scan, video and tape is barcode labeled and indexed into our digital records management software, FileBRIDGE® Records, allowing you to:

  • Find, track and retrieve your documents accurately and efficiently
  • Provide point-to-point tracking
  • Establish a chain-of-custody for the safe transportation and storage at all times

Retrieval Options Designed Around You

Need access to a record?   Your physical and digital records will be delivered promptly and safely, according to your needs.

  • Physical deliveries – Same-day, next-day and priority-rush services
  • Digital deliveries – Scan-on-demand services to electronically send your records to you
  • FileBRIDGE Records – Monitor how often a document is opened and by whom, for added security and compliance
  • Media Vaults –  Access and update your information without transporting or digitizing files