Our secure document scanning services can handle digital conversion projects of every size. We can assist with scanning services for the following types of documents and jobs:

  • Accounts payable documents
  • Bills of lading
  • HR documents and employee records
  • Government ledgers, and birth, and death certificates
  • Blueprints and other large-format documents
  • Bulk scanning services
  • Photos, art, slides, film, and negative scanning Access can help you to establish efficient processes for ongoing scanning and imaging needs.

We assess your backlog of files and semi-active records to be converted to electronic file formats. These can then be stored offsite or shredded to free up valuable real estate and improve the office environment.

Video Summary
Unlock the power of digital transformation with Access’s cutting-edge scanning and digitization services. Enhance collaboration, reduce costs, and safeguard your documents with our secure and efficient solutions. Trust us to meticulously handle your documents, from scanning to quality control, ensuring easy access for your team. Partner with Access for all your digitization needs and revolutionize your document management. Learn more at accesscorp.com/digitize.

Video Transcript
In today’s remote work environment, scanning and digitization services have never been more critical. Paper documents can slow down an organization’s collaboration and growth. Your team needs searchable digital documents that can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Moving to digital documents cuts down on staff management and real estate costs, while also mitigating potential risks, natural disasters, fire and theft, and compliance breaches. Access is your value-added partner in scanning and digitization. With locations across the Americas and beyond, our solutions are best in class.

Our scanning process is laser-focused on your success, giving you the best quality, automation, and efficiency in digitization services. We look after every detail of the scanning process for you, creating a tailored solution that fits your exact needs. When it comes to stringent quality assurance, our services are unmatched, no matter the volume.

We use a secure chain of custody, which tracks every object at each step, ensuring absolute privacy and security of your documents while they are in our care. Scanning and preparation areas are kept under tight security protocol and accessible only by proper security clearance staff. Some locations even offer separate cages for each project. Every document is cataloged with a unique barcode and kept in its original order.

We have a robust system in place to handle a variety of document types and sizes, giving careful attention to prepare each one for high-quality scanning. Even damaged or torn pages delivered to us are smoothed or repaired. Access uses industry best practices that stand out from the competition. Over 800 million pages digitized, CGSB compliant, over 20 million documents indexed using ICR.

Our scanning equipment is state-of-the-art, capable of fast, accurate high-resolution imaging. Even high-volume and large-format scanning can be output at 300 dpi resolution with compression, color detection, and OCR technology enabled. We offer service options to cover every aspect: archive scanning, on-demand scanning, or day-forward scanning.

Quality control is at the heart of what makes our scanning service superior. Our QC experts pay attention to every detail, cross-checking each document for accuracy and quality before indexing each one. Paper documents can then be stored by Access with instructions for a destruction date that meets your document retention policy.

Your indexed and searchable documents are now ready for your team to conveniently access wherever and whenever