Whitepaper: What’s Hindering HR Success in 2019?

Like other corporate functions, Human Resources is increasingly asked to deliver greater value than it has in the past. To accomplish this, many HR departments are striving to take on more strategic roles while carrying out their traditional administrative roles more efficiently and effectively. So, how is HR faring in these endeavors? Read this independent research report to find out.

eBook: Physical Records Management in the Era of Digital Transformation

This eBook uncovers the unique challenges and opportunities that key industries face, like legal, healthcare, higher ed, manufacturing and retail. We share a nine-stage process to help you build a successful, digitally transformed RIM program that will serve your business for years to come.

White Paper: Reviving Document Management – ARMA & Access

Information management techniques and practices have changed in across a variety of disciplines. Read this white paper to learn why it’s time to rethink our strategies to keep up.

Tip Sheet: The Intelligent Information Management Starting Line

The expense of managing information doesn’t end with computer software and hardware, however; it includes people and process as well. Check out this tip sheet to learn 3 tasks you should target now and start to manage your information more intelligently.

Infographic: Survey Says: HR Still Lagging In Digitizing Employee Documents

According to a survey conducted by Access, very few organizations are reaping the benefits of storing employee files electronically. We\'ve compiled these survey results in an easy to reference infographic.

eBook: 6 Keys to an Effective Records Management Program

Information GovernanceeBooks
With the constant regulatory changes, your RIM program from 3 to 5 years ago may be outdated and inadequate. Learn what it takes to have an effective, scalable program in this interactive eBook.