Tip Sheet: Developing a Data Privacy Program That Works

This tipsheet includes practical guidelines for establishing a privacy program within your existing information management framework.

Whitepaper: Data Privacy for the Information Professional

Information GovernanceeBooks
This whitepaper provides an overview of privacy compliance, its intersections with information governance, and everything in between.

eBook: Going Paperless? Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls of Digitization

Information GovernanceeBooks
Accessibility concerns have forced organizations to make a drastic shift towards digitizing documents to function efficiently in a remote or flexible environment. Unfortunately, from a legal standpoint, converting paper documents to digital is not as simple as just putting reams

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Whitepaper – How to Build a Modern Records and Information Management Program

Get your authoritative guide on building a compliant, scalable, and effective program.

eBook: Evolving Beyond A Paper-First World

Information GovernanceeBooks
Learn how your organization can adopt best practices for governing your data and information when it exists in both paper & digital formats.

eBook: What HR Leaders Need in a Document Management Solution

This eBook explores the risks and opportunities of managing information and ways to future-proof your organization with a well thought approach to intelligent information management.