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Access is proud to serve the information needs of a wide range of clients. From Fortune 1000 companies with locations all over the world, to small innovative businesses with a need to protect their most important documents and make their businesses more efficient, our clients have great stories.

Efficient Information Management Leads to Better Patient Care

With two, acute care academic hospital locations, a behavioral health program, a long term care facility and multiple primary care practices, Truman Medical Centers (TMC) offers the largest inpatient and outpatient care for Kansas City hospitals. Learn how Access addressed the high degree of complexity and challenges associated with improving TMC’s long-standing records program. Continue Reading Efficient Information Management Leads to Better Patient Care

Digitizing Paper Charts to Save Space, Time and Money

When their paper-based charts and patient records became an increasingly burdensome physical footprint, this healthcare organization knew it was time to go digital. They turned to Access because of their expertise in security, chain of custody and regulations. Learn how we were able to convert hundreds of thousands of records and establish an ongoing, scalable digital infrastructure. Continue Reading Digitizing Paper Charts to Save Space, Time and Money

Protecting Privacy and Saving Time with HR Document Management

With more than 7,000 employees and over 30 locations across multiple counties, Summa Health is one of the largest integrated healthcare delivery systems in Ohio. Learn how Access helped with managing their wide-reaching HR file management needs in this case study. Download Now

Digitizing Employee Documents to Free Up Real Estate and HR Time

With over 4,000 locations and more than 24,000 employees in the U.S. alone, this retailer of professional beauty supplies experiences a significant volume of HR document and compliance requirements for its rapidly changing workforce. Find out how Access helped them transition from paper to digital employee records in this case study. Download >

Gaining Secure Global Access to Distributed Employee Documents

With thousands of hotels in over 60 countries and multiple well-known brands, this organization is one of the world’s most diverse hotel companies. Check out how Access helped make retrieving field-based employee files simple in this case study. Download >

Centralized HR Document Management Leads to Better Compliance Controls

This American supermarket chain expanded quickly, and managing HR files across an increasingly spread-out footprint became more time-consuming and difficult. Learn how Access helped their HR reps become more efficient in this case study. Download >

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