5/13 Out of the Box Live: Defining Agile Records Management

On this episode of Out of the Box Live, we’ll explore how IG leaders can help their firms operate more efficiently and sustainably, adapt quicker to future disruptions, and position themselves to soar freely to new heights in a rapidly...

5/11 Automating Retention Management: In-House vs Outsourced

There’s rarely a simple answer to the question ‘How long should you keep a record.' During this webcast information governance experts Brenda Barnhill, Director & Consulting Specialist, and T’Don Marquis, Virgo Business Development Representative, discuss how to tackle this complex...

6/3: ARMA SW Region Presents: Responding to Pandemic-Related Records

During this webcast, Susan and John will cover research around the ingestion of new record types during the pandemic - including the latest information on vaccine-related records. They will dive into the research and discuss how to leverage the information...

Webcast: Out of the Box Live: IG Strategies for Digital Companies

Out of the Box Live!Webinars
Genaro Lopez, J.D., IGP, is the driving force behind the development of the information governance (IG) program at Google, an all-digital organization. Come and hear how Genaro has built organizational IG structures and frameworks at Google and Nike.

Webcast: Modernizing Your KM Strategy for Digital Transformation

To work smarter and faster, you need knowledge management (KM) to ensure that information is not only easily accessible to foster greater productivity and collaboration, but also can be trusted to inform action. This webinar gives lots of pointers for...

Webcast: ARMA Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Chapter of ALA Present Information Governance 101

During this webcast, John Isaza, Esq., FAI, VP of Information Governance at Access, will offer guidance on transitioning to IG from records and information management (RIM), providing key building blocks and reviewing the Principles Maturity Model. He’ll also touch on...