Webcast: 7/7 – Privacy by Design – A Paradigm for Process and Technology

Featured Speakers: John Montaña, J.D., FIIM, FAI - VP Information Governance Solutions and Brenda Barnhill, JD, LL.M., Access Privacy by Design is the new buzzword in privacy... ...but what does that mean? And what can it do for you? or,

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Webcast: Practical Primer on Privacy Preparedness (Presented with IAPP)

This webinar features former U.S. Federal Magistrate Judge Ronald Hedges and practicing Privacy and Information Governance Attorney John Isaza sharing their practical insights on privacy preparedness for audits and consumer requests.

Webcast: The Long Arm of the Law – A Look at Recent Case Decisions in Privacy Compliance

This webinar reviews the latest, most impactful cases and regulatory decisions involving privacy violations.

Webcast: Not Your Grandpa’s Retention Schedule – Privacy and Retention in the 21st Century

This webinar will cover why a sound and defensible document retention policy is a key aspect of compliance and must be developed with privacy in mind.

Webcast: IG Challenges in the Financial Industry – “Lessons From The Trenches” (Presented by ARMA)

This webinar will cover particular challenges financial institutions face, how they navigate those challenges, and what other industries can learn from that experience.

Webcast: Privacy Impact Assessments – Why You Need Them, What You Need to Know

Information GovernanceWebinars
Explore the privacy impact assessment process from start to finish including a checklist of what you need to do and issues you must address to have both a successful analysis and a compliant system.