Select a Custom Information Governance Solution Tailored to Your Industry

Information governance, records management, and regulatory compliance are complex subjects, and best practices vary greatly between industries.

With over 15 years of experience in the document storage and records management business, we assist clients in a wide variety of industry verticals, creating custom document management and storage solutions tailored to your needs.

Here are several of the industries we specialize in providing RIM solutions for:


Our enterprise-scale records management services are fully HIPAA compliant, with complete security and local regulatory compliance for all your sensitive patient files and health records. Our digital transformation solutions can also help your practice go paperless and securely manage all electronic health records.

We will help create a comprehensive health information management program that provides guidance for which files to keep and which to safely destroy. Our secure destruction services ensure that medical records are disposed of securely and with full regulatory compliance.

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We provide custom document management solutions for the rigorous needs of the legal industry. We can securely store and manage a wide variety of legal documents including:

  • Paper documents, including contracts and agreements
  • Electronic media and digital documents
  • Tape rolls, microfilm, and other sensitive media

Our secure chain of custody process allows you to quickly retrieve important case documents and submit and process subpoena requests. And all stored documents are digitally accessible 24/7 with our records management software.

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Government agencies are subject to rigorous federal, state, and local regulations specifying how and for how long documents and records must be stored. Our government-focused records management services are built to help your agency comply with all local regulations, freeing up your team to focus on more important work.

Given the volume of paper documents that must be retained and managed for many government agencies, offsite records management solutions can greatly reduce the need for on-site storage space, which ultimately saves costs in high-rent areas. Additionally, countless man hours can be saved by switching to a digital document management solution.

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Schools and educational agencies are often subject to similar document storage and regulatory compliance rules as government agencies. Between document privacy regulations, retention schedules, and ensuring backups in the event of a natural disaster, managing records for your school, college, or university can be a time-consuming and expensive process.

Our records management services for schools and educational organizations securely handle all student information in accordance with all relevant regulatory frameworks (HIPAA, FERPA, IDEA, and more). We also offer decentralized digital transformation solutions that can help your team quickly access digitized documents, perfect for schools with multiple facilities or distributed campuses.

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Finance & Banking

Our information governance and records management solutions can be tailored to a wide variety of uses within the finance and banking industry. We can help store and manage your client’s private documents and transaction statements in accordance with all federal rules and regulations including FACTA, SOX, GLBA, and more.

Our off-site storage and digital backups can help mitigate the loss of records in the event of a natural disaster, security breach, or other black swan events. Our document imaging and scanning services can also help your institution make the transition to paperless, saving you time and money in the long term.

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Our document management solutions are perfectly tailored to fit with the complex requirements of the insurance industry. We provide document storage, scanning, and records management software that can be customized to match the complexity of your own retention schedules, user permission groups, and internal file organization system.

Our underground vaults make it easy to create secure backups of your most important files, while Carta DC enterprise digital records management software makes it easy to access those files anywhere, any time. We’ll also help manage your stored document retention schedules and securely destroy any documents once they are no longer needed.

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Your showroom should be focused on cars, not document storage. We help automotive dealers and manufacturers reduce the need for keeping physical records on-site, while providing the tools to manage and protect those important records digitally.

We can help store and manage all dealership-specific records such as:

  • Department of transportation vehicle records
  • EPA waste and emission records
  • Buyer records and credit applications for the FTC and Truth in Lending/Leasing Acts
  • Employee, payroll, and sales records

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Your company should be focused on building and designing things, not worrying about document management and record retention schedules. We can help streamline your industrial and manufacturing records including:

  • Inventory and production records
  • Sales, invoices, purchase orders, and tax documentation
  • HR and employment documentation
  • Compliance and safety forms

Furthermore, offsite storage provides critical backups of your key documents in the event of a fire, natural disaster or other emergency events at your facility.

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Retail & Hospitality

Managing a service-focused business is complicated enough without having to think about regulatory compliance, retention schedules, and other common records management problems. We help retail businesses, hotels, restaurants, and stores of all sizes manage their daily business records so they can get back to focusing on what matters most: client satisfaction and efficiently running the business.

We can help manage everything from decluttering locations by going paperless, and providing guidance on compliance and retention schedules, to scanning and digitizing documents so you can access them 24/7.

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Whether your records are digital or physical, you want reliable and easy access so your team can focus on the project, not the process. Reduce legal risk with best-in-class processes that sets and governs standards. Free your staff to work on higher value activities while enjoying economies of scale with bundled records management solutions. Our team is experienced with the unique requirements of:

  • Land files
  • Surface, mineral, easement, contract and joint venture files
  • Well files and logs
  • Pipeline files
  • Environmental files
  • Special media and oversized documents

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