Ensure Your Documents are Handled Securely

Our expertise in the insurance industry and understanding of the sensitive nature of insurance organizations’ documents make us the right partner to ensure the security and compliance of all your important documents.

Our records management solutions for insurance companies are designed to manage the entire document lifecycle including:

Simplify Regulatory Compliance by Consolidating Your Records and Systems

Access Unify | Secure Compliance provides a central source of truth for insurance firms, with seamless consolidation of archived digital records to a cloud-based, secure, and compliant digital repository.

With robust audit trails, detailed reporting, secure rights provisioning, and data privacy safeguards (SOC 2 Type II, PRISM Privacy+, Privacy Shield, etc.), Access Unify | Secure Compliance ensures records are readily available, secure, and compliant.

  • Centralize and protect files
  • Retire legacy applications and modernize current systems
  • Share and collaborate securely
  • Automate defensible disposition
  • Stay in compliance across industry regulations, from HIPAA, GLBA, and AML, to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

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Sensitive information storage

Safely Store Your Sensitive Information

Between applications, claims, and administrative documents, insurance agencies generate an incredible amount of paperwork.

Storing your documents at our PRISM Privacy+ Certified record centers helps you remain compliant while eliminating the costs and space deficiencies of on-site storage.

Our facilities are governed by a secure chain of custody procedures for optimal protection and control. We also offer fireproof vaults with temperature controls for records susceptible to decay.

Secure, Prompt and Accurate File Retrieval

The insurance industry demands all documents are kept safe, yet accessible and retrievable at any moment.

Our unparalleled file retrieval accuracy and efficiency enables you to respond to this constant need for information, with prompt delivery of physical files.

Our technology-powered solutions also offer a variety of digital delivery methods—either shared through our secure online repository, FileBRIDGE® Records, or scanned on-demand through our interface or uploaded to your existing system.

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Document and file retrieval
Physical and digital information

Synthesize Physical and Digital Information

Make your stored records instantly available by transforming your physical files to digital.

Our document scanning and digital transformation services empower you to streamline retrieval processes and increase productivity.

Synthesizing physical and digital allows for enhanced security, as well as the ability to index and share information, helping to automate your workflows, reduce costs, and ensure the information you need is there – anytime, anywhere.

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Secure document destruction

Securely Destroy Sensitive Records

Maintaining compliance necessitates securely destroying records once they’ve exceeded retention requirements.

We design custom document destruction programs to ensure your records are securely destroyed and recycled at the end of their life cycle.

Offering both ongoing or on-demand shredding solutions, we help you mitigate risk, reduce costs and save valuable storage space while guaranteeing compliance with all relevant state and federal regulations.

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Implement a Compliant Records Management Program

We help you create a centralized physical and digital asset management program that is compliant with all rules and regulations, as well as flexible and scalable.

Not only will it maintain the privacy of your clients’ records, but also mitigate risk of theft, fraud, penalties, and legal liability.

Implement a secure retention and destruction policy to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency, and
  • Streamline processes

…all while maintaining compliance and protecting sensitive information.

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Compliant records management