Sweeping changes. An indeterminate shift to remote work. Challenges with accessing and sharing information safely and securely. 2020 has exposed many challenges with managing information in a work from anywhere environment. This short video will provide a paradigm to view this shift and start to explore a path forward

Video Transcript
Over the last five plus months, what we’ve observed in the market is, you know, a true inflection point and change for our clients. That inflection point and change occurred abruptly, and it forced organizations to move or pivot directly to a disparate workforce model.

And that posed challenges, right? And in the beginning, it exposed some issues with their information management program. It posed challenges to their day-to-day business and how they are providing team members with the information that they need to run their business.

It also exposed some risks in their program. So over the last five months, every organization that we work with and work closely with has been trying to grapple with those questions, right, based off this change, based off this abrupt change.

So as organizations now, as we move into the second half or late 2020, they’re starting to look at a return to work potentially and how they do that, right? Is it a full return to work where everybody’s just going to report to the office and they’re going to go back to the way it was? Or is it a partial return where they have only segments of their staff returning to the office? Or is it a complete work-from-home model?

So I think as we work with different organizations, different clients across a variety of different verticals, all of them are grappling with that issue and how that impacts their ability to access information, to deliver information, and maintain their consistency, right, and maintain the quality of their program.

So a lot of the conversations we’re having with clients are gravitating towards three primary categories. The first of which is organizations are struggling with quality in their program. How do I continue to deliver a high-quality product to my team while we’re in a disparate model?

The second thing is within a disparate model, if I’m delivering high quality, how do I ensure that I’m not incurring more risk, right? As team members are working from home or working in remote environments, how do I make sure that there is security and safety of that information and that record and that I’m not incrementally increasing risk?

And then the third thing that the clients are coming to us now and asking for our consultation on or support with is, you know, we’ve seen significant financial impact, we have modified budgets, and our ability to spend money in certain areas has changed over the last five months. So help me drive down cost in my program. What new services can I utilize? What best practices would you recommend? So those are the three things that clients are coming to us for, is how do I maintain quality? How do I reduce risk while improving the quality of that program? And then lastly is, I can’t incur more cost, so how do I run a more cost-effective program in this environment?