As the needs of our clients have evolved and changed throughout the pandemic, we’ve also adjusted to ensure that we are continuing to deliver on quality and service. By working together with our clients as partners, we help them stay efficient and keep costs low.

Video Transcript

One of the things we’ve seen over the last five months, which has been a consistent conversation with our clients and prospects, is the emphasis on quality and how we deliver it to our clients.

This involves ensuring they have two things: firstly, a high-quality program where service delivery expectations are met, and secondly, a balance between risk and cost. We, as an organization, have done two things that have added tremendous value to our clients.

Firstly, we continue to meet our service level agreements with our clients and have offered them different ways to receive information based on their current status or situation. Instead of driving to a location multiple times a day for rush orders, we’ve consulted with clients and provided feedback on more efficient programs, such as consolidating deliveries or leveraging scan-on-demand for better accessibility and portability of records.

Listening to our clients and understanding their current state is crucial. We inquire about their structure, workforce location, and help them understand that as their needs evolve, so must the behaviors and ordering practices of their organization, as well as our information delivery methods.

We’ve been highly effective with clients who have consistent demand and have also made recommendations to others who have modified their approach or structure. This includes consulting on service delivery scheduling adjustments for more efficient ordering, which improves quality and manages costs, or implementing new technologies like scan-on-demand, which is safer than transporting records between facilities.

This challenge is consistent across our entire client base, regardless of industry, vertical, or geography. Clients are seeking ways to be more efficient while maintaining the same level of quality. They want to know what they’re not doing and what best practices they can implement, whether it’s scheduling modifications, scan-on-demand, or other methods to use our services most effectively.