Remote employees still work with sensitive records that must be destroyed securely. Watch this video to learn how we’ve helped mitigate risk and best manage sensitive information in the work-from-anywhere environment.

Video Transcript

You need to be able to store documents securely even when working from home. Therefore, we’ve developed a solution for our clients: a residential shred bag. 

We collaborated with one of our long-standing vendors on this project to provide our clients with a bag capable of holding 12 pounds of paper. It features a biodegradable adhesive for sealing the bag once it’s full. We’ve been assisting our clients in ordering these bags in bulk. They distribute them to each of their employees who work from home and handle sensitive and confidential data. 

The employees are instructed to dispose of this data in the shred bag, which can then be sealed using the biodegradable adhesive. Once full, employees are asked to return the bags to the office, as most can visit the office regularly, be it weekly or monthly. 

The bags are then placed in one of our shred bins for destruction. We offer various types of shred bins, but in this scenario, we recommend a 65-gallon or 95-gallon tote, resembling a trash can, for accommodating all the bags. 

Once the shred bins are full, we schedule a pickup to collect and destroy the contents, without removing the data from the bags. It’s important to note that we currently do not offer residential pickups. While some clients have inquired, our operations team and the company at large believe this is not the most secure method for disposing of confidential data. 

This service has proven particularly effective with law firms; one client has ordered over 1,100 bags, and the process has been highly successful for them and their employees working from home.