Unified document management describes the unique solution that Access delivers to our customers. Each of these individual three words carries tremendous meaning. We know that our customers are all different, and are in varying stages of their journey going from a paper-centric business environment to one with less paper documents. We are able meet their needs today, no matter where they are. Other vendors offer parts of a solution – whether managing physical documents, digitizing documents or offering the software to manage their documents. We do it all. Wherever they may be, whatever form they are in, Access provides a single gateway to manage all documents.

We use the word Unified because it means that all parts are acting together as one unit and not as attached separate pieces. It implies cohesiveness and consistent management of all information in one system that operates smoothly and responsively.

We chose the word “Document” instead of the word “Record.” Companies create lots of documents, and some of them eventually become corporate records. Ultimately, records are the things a company needs to keep, but along the way, their business processes are fueled by documents. With FileBRIDGE, we automate document-centric business processes, and help our customers shape the flow of their documents as they make their way to becoming records. By focusing on documents, we are moving earlier in the lifecycle, and the scale of the opportunity for us becomes much bigger.

Lastly, we chose the word “Management” because that is ultimately what buyers are looking to achieve. They already have document-centric processes, but in most cases the flow of documents is out of control and in need of management. Management encompasses everything from automating workflows to implementing information governance policies, and delivering analysis, reporting and control.

Unified document management boils down to four basic benefits. We help our customers:

  • Keep Less Stuff
  • Know What They Have
  • Find Things Fast
  • Increase Efficiency

They keep less stuff because FileBRIDGE Digital cuts down on needless emails and copies of documents. Additionally, they keep less stuff because FileBRIDGE Governance delivers information governance that can establish retention policies and make destruction defensible.

All of our products provide insight into what documents a company has. It seems like an obvious assumption that companies know what they have, but it is surprising to see how few customers actually know what they are keeping in their boxes and files. We help them categorize and index their information, and we deliver unprecedented inventory control and reporting.

It is amazing how much time is wasted looking for documents. Part of the problem is that companies don’t know what they have, and part of the problem is that they don’t have good tools to find things, even when they know they exist. Every one of our products delivers search tools and easy ways to find things fast. No more wasted time hunting through the files.

And lastly, we deliver increased efficiency in many ways. In a business process, paper creates friction and slows things down. “I have the paper over here, but you need it over there, so wait while I send it to you.” By removing paper and replacing it with electronic documents, we remove friction and speed everything up. Automated workflows turbo-charge business processes, and ensure that no steps are missed along the way. Additionally, a proper information governance environment eliminates guesswork about what documents become records, what to keep and what to destroy. The whole company runs better.