Information Management Services: Consulting and Technology Designed to Support Your Business Goals

Information is only useful when it can be leveraged. Access’ integrated information management services support your organization across the entire information lifecycle, defining and meeting objectives using industry-leading best practices and intuitive software. A fully realized information management plan helps you:

  • Ensure compliance and security
  • Increase and control accessibility
  • Optimize consistency in your records and information management programs

The information lifecycle, when closely managed, can be your ally. Let’s define and execute a plan that helps you protect, access, and use the information that matters most.

How Your Information Management Services Come Together

An integrated information management program keeps you compliant, competitive, and in control. A key part of that should include a comprehensive set of information management solutions to turn an information governance policy and retention plan into reality. See how our services work together and independently to fit your budget, immediate needs, and plans for the future.

How an Integrated Information Management Plan Can Improve Your Business

Information is at the heart of your organization. Your team creates it, shares it, and uses it every day to build and succeed. It’s uniquely yours—and your information management plan should reflect that.

At Access, we believe that any information management and compliance plan should be designed just for you, by people who take the time to understand your business. With us, you get a team dedicated to customer service and true support.

An integrated information management plan takes into account information across the organization that exists in a wide variety of formats and repositories. This gives you an information management plan for today that continues to solve for tomorrow.

Your information matters to your business. Your business matters to us. Management is how it all comes together.

Information Management Solutions for Your Industry

Patient data. Client records. Taxpayer information. When you are tasked with information governance in highly regulated industries, you have more than statutes to obey—you have people’s lives to protect. That’s when a plan tailored for your organization with industry experts matters the most.

At Access, we understand that highly regulated industries need airtight information management and compliance plans. We work with you to protect what matters the most.

Some of the industries we serve include: