Secure Document Storage: Safe, Smart, and Accessible

Documents are central to business transactions that occur every day. Even in today’s digital age, most organizations need to retain physical documents.

We provide complete records and secure document storage solutions, including:

  • Paper document storage and digital conversion services
  • Electronic media storage
  • Secure tape storage and vaulting
  • Climate-controlled vaults
  • Specialty media storage (e.g. blueprints, film, and x-rays)
  • Subsurface core sample storage & data management

We are one of the best physical document storage companies for good reason. Businesses are looking for more flexible storage solutions. That requires smarter records management tools and offsite storage services. That requires Access.

Govern, Manage and Protect Your Information Across Its Entire Lifecycle

Your business produces an ever-growing amount of information critical to your success.  You also face an increasingly complex regulatory landscape with stringent compliance and document retention requirements with fines and penalties for failure

We can help from end-to-end with support for your information governance program.

We provide:

FileBRIDGE Records

Control your stored documents and strengthen your compliance. FileBRIDGE® Records makes it easy to request service and have full visibility into your inventory stored with Access.

Secure Document Storage & Records Management

Store, manage and securely destroy your physical records in one of our highly secure off-site storage centers.

Our storage facilities and vaults are PRISM Privacy+ Certified and offer advanced security and fire suppression technology to ensure secure offsite records storage.

“The Access team is top notch and will walk you through the process regardless of how complex the project may seem. I’m extremely satisfied with the move to Access and only wish we would have done it sooner.”

Patrick Benedict
Director of Records Management Services, Perkins Coie

Regulatory Compliance

Leverage our expertise and tools to ensure risks are well managed and your retention and destruction policies are in compliance with today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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Project Management

Large records and records conversion projects require world-class project management support. We have the expertise and experience to help you when you need it most.

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Information Governance Solutions

Stay in control of and fully govern your information with a pragmatic information management policy grounded in a strong legal foundation.

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Local Records Centers with Management Technology

With over 130 climate -controlled, secure document storage facilities across the US and Canada, we have a location convenient to your business. Our team is dedicated to customer service, providing the local touch you deserve, at the scale you need.

Find a Document Storage Location Near You

Resources: What Can Offsite Document Storage Do For Your Business?

Learn about how your organization can benefit from document storage solutions.

 Your Records Storage Questions, Answered

What is offsite storage?

Offsite storage is any data or document facility that is physically separate from the organization. Offsite storage plays a vital role in record management, providing cost-effective storage and disaster recovery services.

Our FileBRIDGE system lets you manage records, request service, search for documents, add new records, get records delivered, and more. Run analytics to get data on what is stored. Run reports on the status of all your records. Be in control of everything from one dashboard.

That’s incredibly easy. With rapid document delivery, you can get standard delivery, either physically or virtually through our scan-on-demand offering. With complete records lifecycle management, your documents and their location are always known. They’re easy to find and easy to deliver – probably quicker than your old storeroom.

There’s no one set price. It depends on the amount of records and the type of media. Connect with one of our service specialists to walk you through all the options. We’re here to make sure you get the storage solution that best fits your needs.

Our traditional offsite storage is ideal for bulk paper document storage – invoices, legal documents, HR records, and more. Our media and underground vaults are ideal for sensitive media like film, tape, blueprints, and x-rays. However, underground vaults can even be used for sensitive documents for an added layer of security.

Each Access facility is governed by strict chain-of-custody procedures and maintains controlled access. This means that your confidential documents will have a unique identifier attached, allowing you to track where they are at any time. Whenever an item is retrieved, accessed, or distributed, this information goes into the permanent unique record for that item.

Our offsite document storage centers and facilities ensure compliant chain of custody, meaning you can verify the status of all your documents at every stage of the storage and retrieval process. We are fully compliant and PRISM Privacy+ certified. All our document storage solutions are 100% secure and confidential.

Absolutely. Our information management and regulatory compliance services naturally fit in with document storage and records management. We help identify how documents must be stored, how long, and assist with secure destruction when document retention schedules expire. We help automate the regulatory compliance process so you don’t have to get bogged down in bureaucratic rules and regulations.

Information is your most valuable asset. It’s our passion.

Ready to take control of your information lifecycle? We handle documents for more than 30,000 businesses in North America. Let us help you handle yours.