Paperless starts with less paper. It’s a daily evolution, not a large ongoing project, that’s required to compete in a digital-first world. Starting with active files that are accessed regularly, our Active File Service offers an industry-leading turn-around time for the digital delivery of your active paper files stored with Access. Our technology-enabled service will digitize, index, and deliver files as needed while also considering the larger document lifecycle including retention, governance and security.

Transform Employee Workflows with a Digital Retrieval Experience

Employees and clients expect a digital-first environment that supports work- and access-from-anywhere spaces. Leverage Access Unify’s convenient online portal or use your existing records management platform – such as FileTrail® – to request and securely access your active files on-demand. Then, Access will deliver the digital files to your organization’s existing document management solution like NetDocuments®, SharePoint®, FileTrail or via the Access Unify portal. Employees will never have to fill out internal forms, look through onsite storage or find a records manager to hunt down the active files they need. As records managers become Access Unify digital file experts, their ability to pull reports, facilitate requests, and orchestrate through a technology-enabled service will increase throughput, efficiency and productivity, allowing them to focus on higher value, strategic initiatives.

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Discover Increased Value Over Time through Scalable Services

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Access is prepared to grow our capabilities upon learning more about your goals and evolving needs overtime. Your organization will immediately benefit from improved turnaround times, on-demand analytics and detailed reporting on active files. Inform your organization’s strategic initiatives based on advanced analytics and business metrics such as retrieval frequency, delivery time, access rates, system usage, and more.

Impact Your Bottom Line

Our Access Unify Active File Service is priced as a predictable fixed monthly fee, which allows your business to integrate cost recovery if desired while reducing overall operating costs. The predictability of a fixed-fee service enables you to manage your budget and operating costs more efficiently. And because we only scan what you need, when you need it, there is no operational impact of a large “scan everything” digital transformation project. When you transition your onsite active files to our Active File Service, costly real estate space can be repurposed for higher value business purposes or divested from lease agreements, allowing you to capitalize on reduced real estate.

Protect and Defend the Security, Safety and Integrity of Your Information

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Storing your files onsite in an unsecure environment or in a high-traffic area is dangerous and puts your organization at risk according to regulatory, security, and information governance best practices. In the event of a fire, hurricane, flood, or theft, your organization is at serious risk without a redundancy or business continuity plan in place. Access Unify  leverages our extensive network of secure, certified locations in over 140 cities worldwide. Now you can simultaneously plan for disaster recovery and mitigate the risk of regulatory and privacy non-compliance by utilizing Access’ PRISM Privacy+ storage facilities and vaults which offer advanced security and fire suppression technology to ensure that your active files are always protected.