Commercial Document Shredding That Keeps You Protected

Your data security is worth more than a shredder you get at the store. Your sensitive data, employee personal information, and customer records demand a certified, secure document shredding service. It requires a document destruction solution that keeps you safe and maintains all regulatory compliance.

Are you looking for a secure paper shredding service?

Access is the leading provider of commercial document destruction services. We offer on-site and off-site shredding, as well as recycling and disposal programs to keep your business protected. We know how important it is to protect your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. That’s why we go above and beyond to ensure that all documents are securely destroyed before they leave our facility.

You can trust us with any type of confidential material including financial records, medical data, legal documents, and more. It’s time to put your worries at ease when it comes to document security.

Document Destruction that Goes Beyond Paper Shredding

Our secure paper destruction services allow you to:

  • Cross-cut shredding to destroy documents thoroughly
  • Destroy electronic media completely
  • Clear valuable office space
  • Align with your retention policies
  • Support your green initiatives
  • Shred documents in bulk
Secure Document Shredding, Commercial Paper Shredder

Multiple On-Site, Secure Shredding Options to Fit Your Business

Your business is unique. Your document destruction needs are unique. We have on-site shredding options to fit your needs.

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Scheduled Rotation of Secure Consoles & Bins

We’ll come when your containers are full. We know that you don’t want any overflow or delays. This contracted paper shredding service works at the pace of your business.

One-time Purge & Destruction

You can do some spring cleaning any time of the year. Your annual (or semi-annual) clean-out of old paper documents and records can be shredded for a fixed price with no contract. We also offer mobile shredding and drop-off shredding at many of our locations to streamline your document destruction workflow.

Shredding Events

We regularly sponsor shredding events in your area with free paper shredding service. We want to help keep you greener, cleaner, and more secure

Access’ Secure Shredding Process

When we collect your documents, you can be sure that they maintain a rigorous chain of custody.

1. Bins are full! It’s time for you to generate a shredding service request. Client emails for additional service.

2. Your shred order is automatically generated in our system.

3. Optimal routes are downloaded to handheld scanners.

4. Our certified (and friendly) Destruction Center Transportation Specialist (DCTS) arrives at your facility with a locking security container.

5. The DCTS verifies barcode or unit and scans your locking security container. This information is captured and confirmed with handheld scanner.

6. Your electronic signature goes into the handheld scanner.

7. The locking security container is securely transported to either and Access plant (with GPS) or vehicle for destruction. It is tracked the entire time on GPS to maintain total compliance.

8. Industrial cross-cut shredding occurs, and your confidential documents are rendered into unreadable bits.

9. Data is uploaded back into scanners.

10. Shredded material is loaded into 40′ containers and shipped to paper mill to be recycled.

11. You receive a Certificate of Destruction.

Your Dedicated Client Care Team

Get access to a client care team that handles your orders, from one-time events and purges to regular rotations. We make sure you never have to wait to get your commercial documents shredded and recycled, safely and securely.

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Secure Shred Bins, Collection Containers and Executive Consoles

Make sure no documents are lying around without being secured. Shred bins and Executive Consoles are easy ways to keep documents inaccessible until it is time for them to be shredded.

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Shred Bins

In high traffic or paper production areas such as mail rooms, copy rooms or warehouse, a destruction bin is ideal. A cost-effective option, Access’ shred bins are secured with a lock and include wheels for easy placement and movement. Perfect for quick and easy bulk shredding.

Size Options: 32, 64, or 96 Gallons
Dimensions:  (64 GL) 42”H x 23”W x 29”D (approx.)
Capacity: (64 GL) 225 Pounds of paper

Executive Consoles

The executive console is a smaller shred bin option that still blends nicely with most office décor. It also offers a flat top that can be used for additional storage space. This is particularly useful for lower-volume offices.

Dimensions: 36”H x 23”W x 15.5”D (approx.)
Capacity: Approximately 100 pounds of paper

“We needed a partner who knew and understood our commitment to the community and was willing to work with us, financially. Access quickly became our one place to go for all of our information management needs.”

Seth Katz
Associate Chief Information Officer, Truman Medical Centers

More Benefits of Commercial Document Shredding

There’s more to document shredding than staying compliant. It helps large and small businesses run smoothly, efficiently, and in line with your environmental standards.

Access Information Management Shredding Truck

Stay Clean

Every office needs to protect its physical space. Overflowing documents take up valuable space, inhibiting office flow and costing you money. Give your people the room to do their work and only store what needs to be stored. You’ll find that shredding can “spark joy”.

Stay Green

We guarantee your materials will be recycled and reused. Shredding can be an essential part of your personal and corporate green initiatives. This can save you money, potentially earn tax credits, improve recruitment, and boost employee morale.

Related Services to Keep Your Data Secure

Hard Drive & Media Destruction

A critical part of a records management program includes the secure destruction and clean disposal of electronic media such as hard-drive.

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Secure Offsite Storage

We can help you clean out your office while offering total security and complete access. Storage Facilities protect your physical and electronic records.

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Paper Scanning & Digital Conversion

Optimize your business processes by scanning and converting them to digital records before securely storing or destroying them.

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Our Smart, Confidential Shredding Service Keeps Your Data Compliant

Shredding your documents is a key part of regulatory compliance. Our full information governance solutions make sure that you have a documented process to aid with all audits. We help you mitigate risk and protect your reputation.

  • HIPAA (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • FACTA (The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act)
  • FERPA (The Family Educational Rights Privacy Act)
  • GDPR (The General Data Protection Regulation)
  • SOX (The Sarbanes-Oxley Act)
  • GLBA (The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act)
  • Federal Privacy Act
Map of North America Access paper shredding facilities across the US

Find a Paper Shredding Facility Near You

We have more than 130 conveniently located paper shredding facilities across the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean. If you don’t see a shredding facility near you, please ask. In most cases, we have a location nearby that can service your area.

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Resources: How does compliant data destruction protect your business?

Learn about how information management and secure shredding services work hand-in-hand.

Your Document Shredding Questions, Answered

How much does paper shredding cost?

Costs vary based on volume and frequency of pickup. All solutions are customized for your needs…no one-price-fits all. Contact us for a quote.

In an era of identity and information theft, shredding documents is the best way to maintain your proprietary information and comply with all industry-relevant regulations.

Generally speaking, you should shred obsolete contracts, sales forecasts, training documentation, market research reports, client lists, invoices/receipts, medical records, audits, HR documents, and more. If something is taking up space, and you would prefer no one sees it, then shredding is your best bet. Additionally, compliance regulations require the destruction of certain types of physical documents based on standard retention schedules.

You generally need to retain tax records, employment and HR records, business property documents, incorporation documents, financial statements, and other legal documents for a given period of time. It’s important to check with state, local, and industry-specific laws before proceeding.

Industrial cross-cut shredding renders all documents unreadable. By cutting lengthwise and widthwise, you can be assured all materials are thoroughly destroyed. This is slower than straight-line shredding, but your security is worth the effort.

Not much. Our industrial cross-cut shredders can handle staples, binders, paperclip, and any other metal materials. However, we would prefer if you removed paper from three-ring binders and plastic covers, which are challenging to separate during the recycling process.

100% of your paper documents are immediately shipped in 40-ft trucks to be recycled.

We are. Access is NAID AAA Certified, ensuring regulatory compliance through the secure destruction and confidential shredding of hard copy records, computer hard drives,  and other electronic media.

We guarantee total destruction of computer hard drives, CPUs, and other electronic material. All processes meet NAID certification requirements, and follow secure Chain of Custody protocols.

From the moment of pickup, your shred order is tracked and scanned at every stop, using GPS, barcodes, and more. There is never a moment of its optimized route where your materials aren’t accounted for. Read more about our Chain of Custody.

You receive a Certificate of Destruction after all material is completely shredded and securely shipped to be recycled.

We sure do. From handheld scanners to GPS monitors, there have been crucial developments in document security. These aren’t just cool: they give you peace of mind.

This varies depending on ordering time and size of load.

That’s great, but large-scale shredding takes time and energy. Making sure documents are secure 100% of the time takes logistics and more powerful tools than a deskside shredder. We shred all day. You can focus on your business.

There are a lot of great options for that, including secure offsite storage and scanning and conversion solutions.

Tony Skarupa, Chief Executive Officer at Access

Get Clean. Go Green. Let’s Get Shredding.

Whether it’s a one-time purge or a regular service, we’re here to keep you secure, compliant, and surrounded by a great customer care team.