Compliant Hard Drive Shredding Service

Strict state and federal regulations, the rise of identity theft, and the protection of confidential business information demands a compliant destruction program, a critical part of a well maintained records management program.

Hard Drive Shredding Service

One-time and scheduled programs

Ensure the legal and compliant destruction of your media files by partnering with a vendor you can trust.

  • Total destruction of Computer Hard Drives/CPU’s
  • Computer Hard Drive/CPU destruction details logged
  • All HD/CPU destruction services take place within 3 business days of receipt
  • All hard drive destruction processes meet NAID certification requirements
  • Certificate of destruction or work order receipt provided for each request
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“We needed a partner who knew and understood our commitment to the community and was willing to work with us, financially. Access quickly became our one place to go for all of our information management needs.”

Seth Katz
Associate Chief Information Officer, Truman Medical Centers

Witnessed Destruction of Hard Drives

Need an added layer of security? We offer witnessed destruction for customers looking for additional proof of protection.

  • Witnessed destruction services arranged at your convenience
  • Materials delivered by the client or Access will be securely stored until your arrival.
  • Chain of custody and strict authorization protocols followed 24/7
  • Certificate of Destruction provided at the conclusion of the process

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