Branch Address

1 Avenue Van Horne
Montreal, QC H2T 2J1


Sales and Support

Access Sales: 438-869-3264

Access Support: 800-377-3453

Document Storage in Montreal

Located in the vibrant center of Montreal, this Access location is ideal for companies in the downtown or east side of the city. This central location allows us to provide easy access to our document storage services for our Downtown Montreal clients.

Our Lasalle and the Laval locations are conveniently located to provide service for companies in the industrial parks across the rest of the city. Together, these three locations provide our complete suite of services including: document storage, onsite and offsite destruction, media vault, and scanning services.

By selecting Access as their Information Management partner, companies and organizations across Montreal have been able to:

  • Take the headache out of document management
  • Avoid costly discovery & e-discovery charges
  • Free up real estate for more valuable business purposes

Access does this by:

  • Destroying documents at the end of their lifecycle
  • Protecting and managing employee documents for distributed organizations with a national or international footprint
  • Transforming reams of paperwork into searchable, digitally indexed files with our scanning and conversion services solutions
  • Implementing CartaHR – a fast, effective, compliant solution for creating, managing, storing and destroying employee documents