Records and information management to meet the needs of manufacturers

By working closely with many manufacturing clients over the years, Access has developed expertise on how to help manufacturers manage records across the full information lifecycle, increasing efficiency and improving compliance. Whether you manufacture automobiles or automotive parts and accessories, medical devices, semiconductors, metals or fabricated metal products, furniture, food products, etc., you probably create paper documents associated with each product manufactured.Digitizing these documents and indexing them so they are secure and can be retrieved quickly can be a major process improvement, saving your employees significant time and mitigating risk of disaster.

For your HR team, we understand the records management requirements of working with unionized employees or employees that require various certifications. We can also help you comply with new privacy regulations such as the GDPR, and the California Privacy Act of 2018, and can organize your employee documents for compliant-retention and secure retrieval.

Reduce clutter on the factory floor and in administration

An organized and clean factory is an efficient factory. You can free up space on your factory floor and in your corporate offices by storing your records in our state-of-the-art storage facilities that feature advanced security and safety features.

Documents, hard drives and other electronic media can be stored in our offsite facilities as well. We provide full visibility into your inventory through our records management portal, FileBRIDGE Records, so you can easily order stored records or a new pick-up and monitor your holdings against retention policies.

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Convert your paper documents to digital files

Gain instant access to your valuable records anytime you need them by converting your paper documents to digital files through scanning and indexing.

This gives you the ability to quickly respond to customer requests and spend less time filing and looking for documents. Our solutions give you options to retain and destroy records to comply with complex regulations and policies, and our project management team can guide you through developing processes that improve your workflows.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Digital Transformation

Moving from paper documents to digital information gives your team the ability to spend less time shuffling paper and more time to make strategic improvements in your business to become more competitive. Gain peace of mind through knowing that your documents are safe, secure and readily retrievable when you need them most.

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Document Management Software to Drive Value

Our document management software improves process efficiency, so your team can focus on activities that add value to your manufacturing company.

Quick document retrieval and automated document retention and destruction saves time and reduces the risk of being non-compliant with regulations and policies.

CartaHR, our document management platform built for HR, can free your HR team from paperwork so they can spend more time on the people who are your business’ most valuable asset.

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Secure Destruction of Files

Manufacturers need to comply with a complex set of regulations for record retention and destruction. We provide ongoing file destruction services for paper documents, hard drives, film, tapes and other forms of media. We destroy your records in compliance with all local, state and federal laws.

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Be Prepared for Data Breach Response and Recovery

Manufacturers’ data may be very sensitive, and the impact of a data breach may have serious consequences for your business.

We provide a structured plan for assessing breaches and developing a response plan. If a breach occurs, our business credential monitoring services can mitigate the risk of your data leaking onto the dark web.

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