What is FileBRIDGE Governance

FileBRIDGE Governance is an innovative, cloud-based, records management solution that enables organizations to access, protect and control both physical and digital records. Retention policies encompass all lifecycle stages for physical and electronic records and citations to ensure compliance and defensible destruction.

Key Features:

Real-Time Metrics Built-in dashboards with real-time analytics deliver insights into business with records management metrics, and allow you to quickly identify situations that require action. Audit Controls Preserve chain of custody, transfers and modifications to keep your organization on top of policies and approvals. Robust Search Easily access your physical or digital records wherever they are, at any time. Third-Party Integration Electronic integration with leading records storage vendors and digital repositories. Intuitive Design The Smart Bar Coding and Combined Shipments features are designed for organizations with large inventories of diverse types of physical records to organize and find information quickly and easily.

Consistent Policies Reduce Risks

FileBRIDGE Governance unifies electronic and physical records to provide a complete view with centralized control, while allowing easy access for authorized users. Enforce consistent classification, retention and disposal policies to minimize the risk and cost of litigation and regulatory oversight.

Advanced File Plan Management

A hierarchal view of your entire file plan helps you easily define your record series, apply citations and end-to-end policies, and define user access rights. Right from the file plan management interface, review and search records that reside at each level of the file plan.

Built-in Intelligence with Request Routing

The intelligent workflows route requests and combines or divides them into work orders to be sent to the appropriate vendors or file rooms, saving time and reducing potential human error.

Solid Compliance with Auto Holds

The Auto Holds functionality provides the ability to set up search criteria to add holds automatically to any newly created or edited records, allowing your organization to stay in compliance.