Manage information across time and space

With multiple locations, high turnover, and valuable real estate space, the retail and hospitality industries need an experienced information management partner to help them securely store their records and leverage the power of digital to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and save space.

Securely store your important documents

Off-site storage allows you to free up space for more important business.

Our storage facilities and vaults offer advanced security as well as fire suppression and climate controlled technology to meet your storage needs.

Your industry has complex document storage needs due to managing high turnover and multiple locations. We help those needs with storage solutions designed to be compliant, highly efficient, and easily accessible.

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Ensure compliant retention and destruction

Managing thousands of documents across multiple locations, with constantly changing personnel is no small task.

We help you implement record retention and destruction policies that are compliant with all state and federal regulations, as well as any internal information governance policies.

Securely destroying records through document retention deadline will save you space and help protect your information.

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Transform your documents to digital

To keep up with your rapidly changing workforce, digital conversion is a necessity.

Leverage the power of technology to increase efficiencies and have all your information at your fingertips by converting your records to digital.

Manage your employee documents with CartaHR

With natural seasonal and cyclical high turnover, your industry generates a larger number of employee files to manage, store, and track for compliance and retention.

Spend more time on people and strategy, not paperwork, by leveraging our employee document management software, CartaHR.

CartaHR provides fast, secure, and compliant access to all your employee documents with the touch of a button.

Intelligent document management processes automate time-consuming paper processes, improving efficiencies and reducing costs.

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Manage your information across its lifecycle

From the file cabinet to the cloud, we help you do more with your information.

A comprehensive records management team will help you handle everything from off-site storage to digital transformation, to ensure compliance with retention and destruction.

Empower your organization with digital tools to get the most out of your records. Our expertise supporting retail and hospitality brands manage their information across thousands of locations and employees makes us the perfect partner.