Giving your records and information management (RIM) program a swift kick in the pants likely isn’t at the top of your to-do list this week. But can you afford for it not to be?

It’s easy to let documents pile up — physically in file cabinets and storage boxes, and digitally in databases — but not quite as easy to organize, store, and keep up with lifecycle management and secure destruction. However, the risks of sticking with status quo RIM procedures are too costly to ignore:

  • With 79% of surveyed workers creating new documents several times a week, the chances of finding what you need in poorly managed file systems and with unstructured metadata is slim.
  • One organization was fined $24.3 million when inaccurate records led to a damaging explosion.

Learn the other risks of outdated record management practices in our infographic, 5 Risks of Poor Records Management and how the right partner can help you reduce these risks.