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Human Resources Document Management

Human Resources is the backbone of your organization; it is responsible for recruiting, hiring and maintaining the employee relationship up to and through termination. This includes training and development as well as corporate governmental compliance. All of these fundamental responsibilities are all driven by very important and highly sensitive information which lives on documents. This makes it crucial that Human Resources is in total control of all the documents and the business processes necessary to maximize efficiency while still following proper policy and compliance requirements. By automating business processes and secure electronic distribution of documents, HR is able to focus on the most valuable assets within the organization, you.


FileBRIDGE for HR is easy-to-implement and simple-to-use. By creating a bridge between your paper and digital business processes, FileBRIDGE for HR saves you time and money by automating and simplifying the flow of Human Resources documents throughout your organization.


Access provides a complete solution including both technology and physical services to our clients. We will help you gain control over all of your documents and information, provide secure chain-of-custody tracking, physical document conversion and classification, all while ensuring compliance and mitigating risk.

Paper forms become part of the past with FileBRIDGE for HR. It comes standard with the tools you need to easily automate document workflows and enable efficient digital access for managers and employees to streamline the process so you can eliminate the time-consuming administrative busy work.

FileBRIDGE for HR provides a central aggregation point between your disparate Human Resources systems to give you a comprehensive view of what you have and, just as importantly, what you are missing to ensure compliance.



Automates and simplifies
HR workflows.


Notifies you if documents are
missing or out of date.


Integrates with your
existing HR systems.


Provides a secure audit trail for every action that any user takes with any document.


Enforces compliance with corporate governance and retention policies.


Provides exceptional security and
availability for your information.


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As a full-service
provider, Access will
do the heavy lifting for you.

Clients who rely upon FileBRIDGE for HR include large and small organizations from nearly every industry. Access makes it easy to get started on the road to paperless, efficient and productive Human Resources document management.

We will turn your paper into digital files and safely shred whatever you no longer need, or store whatever you want to maintain on paper.  Our state-of-the-art record centers are a cost effective way to free up your valuable office space.

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