Access Unify Helps the Education Sector Enter the Digital Age

Higher education institutions must make a transformation in managing records to meet the demands of the digital era. But a lack of training, insufficient tech support, and soaring costs make it challenging to track information or modernize existing systems. 

Access Unify provides predictable and all-inclusive services with certified security, experienced experts, and a fixed monthly cost. When it comes to information management, we’ve got you covered. 

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The Education Sector Faces Unprecedented Change

Between student information systems (SISs), learning management systems (LMSs), and tools that enable hybrid learning and operations systems, most institutions have a tangled technology web. 

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This complex arrangement leaves faculty and staff hunting for files and documents — physical and digital — rather than nurturing students. And neither students nor faculty want to sift through multiple systems to find what they need.

Access Unify’s application programming interface (API) has more than 250 options for integrating records-management platforms. Access Unify centralizes, indexes, and digitizes files, making them easily accessible through the Unify portal or your preferred system’s interface. 

Whether records are paper- or digitally born, Access Unify ensures records are where they should be when they’re needed.

We Do Compliance and Security, So You Don’t Have To

The privacy of student personal information is of utmost concern. Schools that get federal funding must follow the Family Educational Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), which demands strict adherence to policies on keeping, sharing, and destroying information.

It’s tough to keep track of every regulation while remaining compliant. It’s also hard to maintain data privacy in an age of digital piracy. Millions of student records have been leaked in data breaches that come with a billion-dollar price tag.

Access Unify ensures security and regulatory compliance with global data-privacy regulations, including HIPAA, SOC II 2 and 3, the US-EU Privacy Shield agreement, and FERPA. We offer secure chain-of-custody procedures and keep paper documents in storage facilities and vaults that are PRISM Privacy+ Certified, with advanced security. Access Unify: 

  • Stores physical records securely in one of 190 locations in 250 markets
  • Automatically applies retention schedules
  • Keeps an audit trail of digital records
  • Uses NAID-certified methods to appropriately destroy records 

Our team of experts continuously updates legal research for more than 220 jurisdictions, ensuring ongoing compliance.

Don’t lose sight of education goals combing through legalese or lose sleep over data breach headlines. Keep your records with Access Unify and leave the worrying to us. 

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Education Records: Accessible, Identifiable, and On-Demand

Higher education institutions are allowing non-faculty employees to work remotely on an ongoing basis, and nearly one-third of undergraduate classes remain hybrid or online. New generations of students expect a learning experience that resembles their digital, on-demand world. Nearly three-quarters of university presidents believe their institutions must fundamentally change business models, programming, or other operations.

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None of these changes are possible when records remain stranded in boxes or outdated digital systems. But institutions must keep records for years, sometimes in perpetuity. Discarding or scanning every record simply isn’t tenable. 

Access Unify leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and categorize records. Our technology collects important information and sends it to the SIS, other learning systems, or Unify portal. This ensures a seamless digital experience. Extrapolate key information and deliver it to the SIS, another learning system, or Unify portal for a fully seamless, digital-first experience. 

Access Unify offers 24/7 records availability, including an industry-leading 4-hour turnaround for scanning, so information is accessible when needed.

Access Unify Makes Education Transformation Possible

Between hybrid faculty, online courses, and records-retention mandates, institutions in the education field understand the need to digitize. Yet, expensive solutions, lack of technical know-how, and smaller projected budgets have stopped many transformation efforts in their tracks.


Access knows how challenging it can be to manage a mélange of records and tools like this. We’re committed to providing your institution with stable, secure, and innovative solutions. With us, electronic records management is academic, so you can focus on academics. 

As your needs evolve, we evolve, too. We will further develop our offerings, which include additional AI-infused technologies and real-time metrics and analytics. Our goal is to continue reducing costs associated with maintaining records systems, so institutions can focus on providing an exceptional student experience. 

Start with Access Unify today to build the learning environment students and staff need to thrive.

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