Healthcare Is Going Digital but Health Records Are Still Physical

Most healthcare providers have adopted electronic health records (EHR) or electronic medical records (EMR) systems. But providers must still digitize, catalog, and centralize paper records without simply hitting “scan all.” Many providers may not know what records they have to begin with. Providers merging or patients changing providers further complicates EHR management. 

Access Unify uses cutting-edge AI to let healthcare providers know what they have, where they have it, and for how long they must retain those records. Unify extrapolates key information from hard copies and delivers that information into the EHR system or Unify portal to make the job easier for providers. Unify also:

Access offers all this as a predictable, flat-rate subscription, so healthcare organizations can more easily manage costs.

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We Keep Records Safe So You Can Keep Patients’ Trust

Digitized medical information is crucial, improving patient safety, trust, and satisfaction. Yet, the dawn of health records management software has also brought privacy fears to light. 

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Patients are concerned about security, especially when providers exchange records. In rare cases, patients even withhold information from care providers because of these concerns.

Access Unify automatically ensures security and regulatory compliance with global data-privacy regulations, including HIPAA and SOC 2 and 3

Unify provides a detailed audit trail of electronic records and keeps paper records securely stored in one of Access’ more than 250 markets.

When it comes time for disposition, Access uses NAID-certified methods to securely destroy records.

Focus on Patients, Not Managing Their Records

Digital health records management can also prove frustrating for practitioners. Physicians spend nearly 16 hours each week on paperwork and administrative tasks. More than half of that time goes toward electronic health records management.

Medical records management doesn’t have to be a double-edged sword. When healthcare practitioners can access information easily and perform administrative tasks quickly, they can dedicate more of their time to providing quality patient care. 

Unify integrates with existing EHR systems so providers can enjoy a fully seamless, digital-first experience without purchasing additional systems or spending extra time on ramp-up and training.  

Now, their focus can be on patients instead of on documents.

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Consolidate Systems to Elevate Your Offerings

The average healthcare organization uses 11 legacy applications to manage historical medical records. Many of these systems are either not secure, no longer receive updates, or have sunset entirely, leading to $500k in annual upkeep costs.

A majority of organizations don’t have a solution or have an inadequate solution for the records stranded in these systems and often pay per record to store and retrieve this information.

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Access Unify rescues medical records from legacy systems, consolidating EHR and other important documentation into one system, delivering digital versions of active paper files with an industry-leading four-hour turnaround time.

With a flat monthly rate, Unify offers healthcare records on demand while reducing storage costs, streamlining medical record keeping, and improving turnaround times.  

We consolidate information so providers can continue to elevate the quality of patient care. 

Use Access Unify for Medical Record Management Today to Deliver the Patient Care of Tomorrow

Access understands how dizzying medical record retrieval, storage, and retention can be. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing your organization with stable, secure, and innovative solutions. 

As the healthcare industry evolves, we too evolve. By developing offerings, including several AI-infused technologies, real-time metrics, and analytics, we’re dedicated to helping you reduce the costs associated with maintaining EHR systems

Our team consists of experienced experts including dedicated developers, managers, and leaders committed to crafting industry-leading Access Unify offerings that meet your specific needs.

We take the “management” out of electronic records management so you can focus on improving patient care.

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