Company-Wide Visibility into Record Retention, Data Privacy & Security Requirements

Virgo ensures retention policies are easy to update and defensible with changes in the laws and regulations that impact your policies. Published policy changes in Virgo are updated real-time in the unlimited-use Employee Portal, creating one system of record for all policies. Retention, data privacy and security requirements are delivered to your employees through dynamic and tailored search experiences.

Empower Employees with Self-Service Information

Any employee can search by content type, keyword, data owner, or department through an intuitive interface. With online, real-time, read-only access to your policies, employees can get the answers they need, 24/7. Four types of searching are available and can be configured specifically for a unique audience, whether it is a department, a jurisdiction, group, or a function.  

Going Paperless

Four Ways to Search

Predictive search returns content type suggestions. 

Search, filter and sort a dynamic list-view organized by content types. This search also displays repository information. 

Search by known content type to quickly locate records. This search also displays repository information. 

Search, filter and sort a dynamic list-view of your published retention schedule. 

Test Drive It Live!

Below is a live, real-time instance of the Virgo Employee Portal Retention SearchTake it for a spin by typing a letter or two, or type something like ‘1099’ or ‘Accounts’. Virgo automatically begins to narrow down your search. 

No-Code Simple Implementation Options 

Facilitate employee adoption with easy integration and configuration options. There are three implementation options available for the Virgo Employee Portal: 

  • Embedded within your organization’s intranet with optional CSS 
  • Displayed within an inline frame on a webpage 
  • Embedded into a SharePoint instance (On-premises, SharePoint Online or Office 365) 

The Virgo Employee Portal currently supports Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Edge. 

Virgo Employee Portal Benefits

  • No additional cost! It’s already included with Virgo
  • Address record retention, data privacy and security requirements
  • Centralize and scale retention information for all employees
  • Enable self-service lookups with an intuitive interface
  • Produce a customizable user experience embedded into your existing intranet or platform
  • Automatically sync with Virgo
  • Implement with a simple iFrame code block
  • Improve audit compliance through internal policy transparency
  • Leverage unlimited customizable views