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Digitally Enabled Records Management Practices

Information is moving faster each year, demanding that accessibility and security keep up while leaving behind those companies unwilling to adjust their tools and strategies. To remain competitive and keep costs down, companies throughout Kentucky should partner with a records management provider that can seamlessly blend traditional RIM methods and advanced digital solutions. Our flexible, scalable and comprehensive software solutions, document storage options and destruction services help KY businesses streamline their day-to-day tasks through the secure and efficient management, tracking and sharing of corporate records. Contact us to experience the Access difference for yourself.

From Lexington to Louisville, KY, our nearby Cincinnati, OH location can help your company:

  • Eliminate time spent maintaining retention schedules and searching for misplaced documents.
  • Decrease costs by reducing the space dedicated to in-house storage of physical records.
  • Ensure the security of business critical documents with our NAID AAA Certified facilities that meet PRISM+ Privacy standards.
  • Strengthen federal and state regulatory compliance while ensuring information accessibility.
  • Support internal policies and brand commitments to environmentally friendly practices.

Information may be moving quickly, but you can stay ahead of the curve. Let us help with the various challenges of effective records and digital document management. Access Kentucky’s comprehensive solutions include:

  • Secure off-site storage solutions for your essential business records, case files, HR documents, invoices, magnetic media and more.
  • Access and retrieval services that include same-day, next-day and priority delivery options for your physical records, and scan-on-demand services for urgent requests.
  • Retention schedule monitoring and various options for the secure destruction and recycling of outdated records, electronic media and computer hard drives.
  • Document management software to run reports and analyze metrics, simplify HR processes and increase Accounts Payable efficiencies.