Do More with Workflows for Accounts Payable Teams

Many organizations are looking to strengthen controls, save money and increase efficiency. Eliminating manual and time-consuming business processes are an ideal place to start.

Accounts Payable Departments are traditionally paper-based. This means lots of tedious, manual, and inefficient tasks like invoice processing, cutting employee or supplier checks, and preparing for audits. Automating these processes with CartaAP can reduce time spent by as much as 50%. This allows your AP team to take a more proactive, strategic role within the business.

Automate your Accounts Payable Processes with Invoice Processing Software.

Imagine it: No more paper invoices. Instead, implement an automated invoice processing solution that will capture invoices and invoice data and automate approval processing. Eliminate paper-based invoices from your AP management systems forever.

CartaAP moves you to a paperless environment for invoice processing. It incorporates industry-tested processing workflows, best-in-class business process, and proven methodologies to optimize your AP process.

With this automation solution, free your business from potential risks, hidden costs, high failure rates, and extended implementation time frames. Reduce touches and manual, email-based approvals with a proven system that routes and tracks PO approval chains for you.

We solve records and information governance problems

Learn how CartaAP automated invoice processing software can optimize your organization’s AP department.