2 min watch – Power remote and hybrid workplaces and kickstart your digital transformation journey with Access Unify™. With the full digital suite of Access Unify services, you can evolve your physical and digital information management.


Access provides comprehensive records and information management through its Access Unify service, offering AI-driven categorization, indexing, and secure storage solutions. Their digital mailroom reroutes physical mail to a virtual mailbox, ensuring efficient and secure document handling.


With Access, we’re your trusted partner for records and information management. And with Access Unify, we’re partnering with the best team in the industry for a predictable flat rate fee. That’s the easiest decision you’ll ever make. 

With Active File Service, we store your current and future active documents in our secure record centers. Just use the Unify portal to request a digital copy and we’ll deliver it in under four hours, anytime, anywhere. AI Auto-Classification Service uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to scan your files, determine the document types, and show you what you have. 

AI File Indexing automatically extracts important keywords from your documents to deliver relevant data for every page in every file. With Secure Compliance, we store your structured and unstructured digital content in our secure, searchable platform. And automatically apply privacy, security, and retention rules. Get your physical mail rerouted to a secure virtual mailbox with our digital mailroom solution. 

We determine what’s important, where it should go, and deliver it while ensuring a secure chain of custody. Whether you’re leveraging a single service or the entire Access Unify family, you need an award-winning industry leader who can manage your complete records lifecycle. We’re not just experts. We’re your experts. With Access Unify.