The Challenge

American Seafood Group needed to make Human Resources a more strategic department.

The Solution

Access’ document management platform for Human Resources, CartaHR

The Results

  • Reduced time spent on managing employee paperwork by over 2,000 hours annually
  • Quicker access to documents by HR, employees and regulators
  • More efficient internal document processing of employee contracts (16 variations), policy acknowledgments and medical release forms

About American Seafoods

Industry: Manufacturing/Agribusiness
Company Size: Enterprise 1000+ employees
Location: Washington, United States

“Retention of our employees is among the highest in our business, and is a core ingredient in how we continue to excel in a competitive, challenging environment.”Workforce


American Seafood Group needed to expand the strategic contributions of the HR team and reduce the time HR and employees devoted to administrative functions such as employee paperwork, compliance and crew orientation.

“Moving to digital files and forms has allowed our HR Department to devote much more time and resources to becoming an impactful business partner rather than managing paperwork.”Jennifer Gladney, HR Manager

How CartaHR Closed the Gap

Each year American Seafoods generated approx. 1,500 contracts, which needed to be signed by the crew. Each contract contained 20 pages, totaling 31,000 pages of paper. By removing the paper process altogether with CartaHR technology, American Seafoods was able to store all 31,000 pages in one central repository, making the search for any document at any given time a seamless and time friendly process. The digital process also significantly cut down the time involved in the orientation and onboarding process for new employees. Through automation, all documentation was completed through simple e-signature sign offs and confirmed using compliance monitoring.

King of the Ocean

After the transition was complete, American Seafoods’ Human Resources team was able to allocate more than 35% of its previous time spent on managing paperwork towards more strategically aligned projects.

On the Horizon:

After the success realized by CartaHR, American Seafoods will be implementing the new CartaHR Portal, used for employee and manager self- service. This will eliminate the need for email and will allow employees access to self-service documents. All in a responsive, user-friendly interface that can be accessed on any device.

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